Newsletter | Issue -32

ISSUE 32 | January 2022

AdımODTÜ Funds 165 Undergraduate Research Projects

In 2021, AdımODTÜ funded 64 undergraduate student research projects involving over 190 students. The number of funded projects for undergraduate research was 17 in 2018, 27 in 2019, and 57 in 2020. Thus, the number of projects funded by AdımODTÜ has reached a total of 165, with approximately 800 students taking part.

At the AdımODTÜ Undergraduate Research Day event held on December 22,2021, undergraduate researchers presented their studies and competed for the best poster award. Two projects shared the grand prize:
“Identification of Novel Mixed Lineage Leukemia 1 (MLL1) Inhibitors for Cancer Therapy” by Olka Missaghimamaghani, Fatimah Safieh and Ilir Sheraj with Prof. Sreeparna Banerjee as project supervisor, and “Effect of Haptic Exploratory Processes on the Online Shopping Experience” by Fatma Çelebi, Hümeyra Aybüke Bilir and İzel Deniz Vardar with project supervisor Asst. Prof. Dicle Dövencioğlu. The runner-up for the best poster award was the project, “Fener, the Object Tracking Robot” by Evren Uçar, Meral Şahin, Muhammed İzzet Sezer, Rüya Gülşah Ulutaş, Şevval Belkıs Dikkaya and Yusuf Onat Yılmaz, under the supervision of Prof. Klaus Werner Schmidt. Third place was shared by the “QRegister” project carried out by Deniz Karakay, Alkım Dömeke, and Hümeyra Bodur under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Pınar Angın, and the project entitled, “Upcycling Waste Fried Oils,” conducted by Duygu İnce, Ecem Baskın, Anıl Yılmazkan and Melda Öcalan, with Asst. Prof. Simge Çınar Aygün as the project supervisor.

Further information regarding the funded projects can be reached from here.

METU Participates in Europe’s First High-Performance Computing-Centered Master’s Program

The METU Graduate School of Informatics has joined a European consortium to design and offer a Master’s Program in High-Performance Computing (HPC) for the first time in Europe, supported by the European High-Performance Computing (EuroHPC) Joint Undertaking and led by the University of Luxembourg.

In addition to METU, TÜBİTAK will also take part in the program, which aims to provide students with brand new career perspectives in the rapidly expanding fields of High-Performance Computing, High-Performance Data Analytics (HPDA), and Artificial Intelligence.

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Four TÜBA GEBİP Awards Go to METU

Four researchers from the Middle East Technical University have been given the Outstanding Young Scientists Award 2021 (GEBİP) by the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA).

Assoc. Prof. Emre Yüce from the Department of Physics and Asst. Prof. Ahmet Acar from the Department of Biological Sciences received the GEBİP award in Life Sciences, while Asst. Prof. Pelin Angın from the Department of Computer Engineering and Asst. Prof. Emre Büküşoğlu from the Department of Chemistry were deemed worthy of the award in the field of Engineering.

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Assist. Prof. Selçuk Yerci Deemed Worthy of the 2021 TÜBİTAK Incentive Award

Asst. Prof. Selçuk Yerci from the Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering has been awarded within the scope of the TÜBİTAK Science, Special, Service and Incentive Awards 2021.

Dr. Yerci won the Incentive Award in the field of Engineering Sciences for his internationally outstanding work on silicon photonics, which offers a cost-effective way to accelerate the data transfer between computers by developing highly efficient solar cells.

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METU Partners up in New EU Horizon 2020 Project: NEWFEED

Prof. Ülkü Yetiş and Prof. Filiz Dilek, Department of Environmental Engineering faculty members, have become partners in NEWFEED, an innovative project for the exploitation of the food industry by-products.

NEWFEED, a project to “turn food industry by-products into secondary feedstuffs via circular-economy schemes,” commenced on July 1, 2021, with 14 partners from four countries; namely Greece, Spain, and Egypt, as well as Turkey. One of the partners of the project, which is a part of the PRIMA program supported and funded under EU Horizon 2020 Framework, is METU.

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Researchers at METU have developed a virtual school project in the 3D “metaverse” world. Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies discussed ongoing work at METU on the concept of the “metaverse”. Click below to watch the video.

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Let’s Support Students Studying all Night for Finals at the Library

We are preparing to offer a goodie bag of food and coffee for our students pulling all-nighters at the library studying for Fall semester finals. You can also support the project and send a note to our students.

Our goodie bags will include:
– A 20 cm baguette sandwich
– Muffin
– Fruit
– Water
– Filter coffee
– Your note to our student 🙂

To lend your support please click here.

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Advantages of METU Alumni Card

Ata Estetik, one of the companies whose owner is a METU graduate and we cooperate with for the advantages of METU Alumni Card, has launched a 50% discount campaign that will continue until the end of January. From February onwards, a 25% discount will be offered exclusive to our alumni for Exilis Satin Face Lift, personalized VIP protocols on different kinds of skin cares, anti-aging processes, epilation, hair simulation, lash lifting, slimming applications, and etc. For all detailed information and consultation, you can visit their web page (www.ataestetik.com) and follow them on Instagram and YouTube (@ataestetik). You can also reach them by the phone: +90 (312) 240 0119 and +90 (533) 1617 464. We would like to sincerely thank Ata Estetik for this discount campaign and their cooperation.

Please click here for the campaign details.

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Applications Open for the 4th Digital Teachers Project

Applications are now open for the Digital Teachers Project, a training program which accepts 1,000 teachers per cohort. It is a partnership between ING Turkey, the Habitat Foundation and METU aiming to develop teachers’ digital skills, include them in the digital transformation and help them integrate their digital skills into their classes for the benefit of primary and middle school students.

Please click below for more detailed information.

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A New Science Show by METU Science Communication Team and GİSAM

The new science show named “Bilimin Her Hali” gives science lovers of all ages unique insights into the latest scientific research and debate.

The guest of the first program is Prof. Y. Eren Kalay from the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department, and the presenter is Assist. Prof. Pelin Angın from the Computer Engineering Department. The show will be broadcast live on the official YouTube channel of METU. on Saturday, January 22,
2022, at 11:00.


Newsletter | Issue -33

ISSUE 33 | February 2022

Sandwiches and Coffee for our Students During Finals Week

Since 2018, AdımODTÜ, a joint initiative of the President’s Office Corporate Communications Office and the METU Development Foundation, has been offering various refreshments to students studying late at the library during finals week.

This year, students were offered sandwiches, fruit, juice, chocolate, muffins, and filter coffee several evenings, thanks to the contributions made by our alumni and friends of METU.

The refreshments were accompanied by thoughtful notes and messages sent by alumni and friends of METU. Due to the ongoing pandemic, a covered outdoor bistro area was set outside the library with heaters..

With the support of METU alumni and friends, several events organized to date have helped us deliver 10.000 students thousands of messages along with sandwich boxes, fruit, and coffee. Click below for detailed information on these events.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to METU staff, students, alumni and friends for their support of our students through the project.

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METU Ranks in Top 500 in 3 “World’s Top Universities” Lists

The METU University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) Lab has published its evaluation of the ranks of 203 Turkish universities listed in 11 world rankings lists by organizations including URAP itself, ARWU, CWUR, LEIDEN, NTU, QS, RUR, SCIMAGO, THE, USNEWS and WEBOMETRICS.

The METU URAP report states that METU is the only Turkish university to appear in three of the 11 “World’s Top Universities” rankings lists. METU placed 425th in the RUR list, 484th in the US NEWS list, and 497th in the WEBOMETRICS list.

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New Science Show at METU

The METU Science Communication Group and GİSAM, having initiated several science programs such as “Bilimin Ev Hali” and “Bilim Hayattır”, are now introducing a new program called “Bilimin Her Hali”.

The show will be broadcast live Saturdays on the METU official YouTube channel and feature faculty members as presenters. Each episode will involve the latest science news from a different discipline.

The first episode was presented by Dr. Pelin Angın and featured Prof. Y. Eren Kalay as the guest, explaining the materials of the future from aerogels to superconductors through experiments. You can view the first episode of the series here. The upcoming episodes will feature:

Episode 2: Experimental Ecology – Assoc. Prof. Korhan Özkan

Episode 3: The Codes of the Neolithic Age from Göbeklitepe to Catalhöyük – Assoc. Prof. Çiğdem Atakuman

Episode 4: Let’s Code – Dr. Pelin Angın

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Congrats METU Snowboard and Alpine Skiing Teams!

The METU Snowboard and Alpine Skiing Teams competed in the Ankara Province Skiing Competition held on 6–8 January 2022 in Erciyes, Kayseri. Our snowboard team won first place. Here is how our teams did:

Snowboard Team

• Ebru Fatma Nur Duzcu, First place in the 15+ Women’s Slalom category and First place in the Giant Slalom

• Ayle Buse Özkan, Second place in the 15+ Women’s Slalom category and second place in the Giant Slalom

• First Place among Club Teams (CUP)

Alpine Skiing Team

• Cemreay Dede, First place in the Women’s Category in Slalom Skiing and First place in Giant Slalom skiing

• Mete Hıdıroğlu, First place in the Men’s Category in Slalom Skiing and First place in Giant Slalom skiing

• Fifth place among Club Teams

METU Alum Discovers New Hormone

Molecular Biology and Genetics Department Class of 2006 alumnus Dr. Gencer Sancar has made a groundbreaking discovery that could radically alter diabetes treatment. As he recounts in his study published widely in many important scientific journals, Dr. Gencer found a new hormone regulating blood sugar. In their experiments on mice, they used this hormone to maintain a low level of blood sugar for weeks, overcoming insulin resistance.

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9 New METU Projects Receive TÜBİTAK 1001 Funding

TUBİTAK (the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) has announced the recipients of the 2021 second term call for proposals for the TÜBİTAK 1001 Research Grant Program. Nine projects proposed by the researchers at METU have been awarded grants this term. METU was among the top three universities with the largest number of project proposals supported in this call, with a 19% success rate.

The grants will fund five projects in the field of Chemistry-Biology, and one project each in the fields of Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Agriculture and Earth Sciences at METU.

Click below to see the winning projects and the researchers conducting them:

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Newsletter | Issue -34

ISSUE 34 | March 2022

Four Seasons by Vivaldi – Winter

In 1725, Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) composed Four Seasons, his timeless masterpiece consisting of four violin and string concertos, each of which represented a season of the year. As in many parts of the world, the summer, winter, spring, and autumn seasons on the beautiful METU campus always remind us of his name.

Each concerto of Four Seasons is enriched with a fourteen-line poem describing the setting and surroundings. Four Seasons was even interpreted as the reflection of the colors in the paintings of the famous Italian painter Botticelli. It is because Vivaldi almost all of the characteristics of the seasons in each concerto, such as the howling wind, the sound of rain, the falling of dry leaves, and the singing of birds.
In the first part of “Winter,” windy, snowy, and ice-cold weather is depicted. The solo violin describes the bitter winds, while the strings are the representation of people shivering with cold and stamping their feet to keep warm.

We are proud to present you the third installment of our Four Seasons at METU-Vivaldi series as we close the winter season and extend our heartfelt thanks to our talented artists for joining us on campus.

Click the link below to view the video clip created to accompany Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Winter sonnet. Enjoy!

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ODTÜ’lü Yıllarım

In the first episode of our new program “ODTÜ’lü Yıllarım” in which we will host distinguished members of the METU family, famous chef Hazer Amani was our guest. The episode was shot by METU GİSAM (Audio-Visual Systems Research and Production Center) at the Cafeteria. Alongside a joyful conversation, Chef Amani cooked spicy and sour chicken on a panini grill, which was the top choice of those who participated in the survey on METU’s official social media accounts. Our alumni who want to get one of the kitchen aprons signed by Hazer Amani at the end of the episode can join the raffle on the group ODTÜM. You can click the link below to watch the episode and take a look at Chef Amani’s spicy and sour chicken recipe.

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Winners of METU Parlar Foundation Awards 2021 Announced

The winners of the Honor, Science, Outstanding Service, Research, and Technology Incentive Awards organized by METU Prof. Mustafa N. Parlar Education and Research Foundation were announced.

Assoc. Prof. Kürşat Çınar from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration and Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Tuğrul Yılmaz from the Department of Civil Engineering were deemed worthy of the 2021 Research Incentive Award of the METU Parlar Foundation. Moreover, Prof. Behiç Mert from the Department of Food Engineering, Assoc. Prof. Perihan Savaş from the Department of Foreign Language Education, Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Haluk Zelef from the Department of Architecture, and Asst. Prof. Besim Can Zırh from the Department of Sociology were given the METU Educator of the Year Award.

The full list of the award-winners can be found at the link.

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From Metaverse to METU

In the new episode of our videocast series that started in the Metaverse and continues in our studio, we hosted Assoc. Prof. Tuğba Tokel, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Education. By clicking the link below, you can watch the episode in which we talked about the past, development, and the future of the concept of the Metaverse, the differences between video games and virtual universes, metaverse-related concepts such as presence and virtual reality, as well as the studies currently being carried out on the Metaverse at METU.

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Bilimin Her Hali

The second episode of our new program, “All About Science,” in which a METU academic participates as the guest of each episode, was broadcast live on the METU YouTube channel on February 26, 2022, at 11.00 The guest for the episode, which was hosted by Prof. Y. Eren Kalay, was Assoc.Prof. Korhan Özkan from the METU Institute of Marine Sciences. By clicking the link below, you can watch the program in which natural sciences were discussed, including drought, poles, and studies of mesocosm.

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Gasification Systems for Turkish Lignite

Prof. İskender Gökalp from the METU Department of Mechanical Engineering stated that the piloting of fluidized bed gasification systems for Turkish lignite was carried out within a project conducted as part of the EU Framework Program. You can click below for details.

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A New Research on Earthquake Risk Calculation

Within the scientific projects conducted in the Structural Mechanics Laboratory of the METU Department of Civil Engineering, a new and cost-efficient method has been discovered to quickly calculate how risky a building is in case of an earthquake. At an event in honor of Earthquake Awareness Week, Prof. Ahmet Yakut from the Department of Civil Engineering shared the details regarding the scientific projects being carried out in the Structural Mechanics Laboratory of their department.

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Winners of 7th Crystal Tree Awards Announced

The 7th Crystal Tree Awards, organized by the METU Young Entrepreneurs Society, were presented. In the ceremony held at METU Culture and Convention Center on January 22, 2022, award-winners selected by the votes of METU students among 31 candidates were announced. A total of 14 awards were given, including the awards given as a result of voting in 10 categories and the special awards given in four fields.

More information about the ceremony can be found at https://kristalagac.com

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Newsletter | Issue -35

ISSUE 35 | April 2022

Save the date: 2022 METU ALUMNI DAY

Dear Alumni,

We are happy to announce that our traditional METU Alumni Day festivities will be held on July 30, 2022, with all-day events. We are gladly inviting all our alumni back to the campus for our “2022 METU Alumni Day” but especially those celebrating the 60th, 55th, 50th, 45th, 40th, 30th, 20th, and 10th years of their graduation.

We have also gathered the list of our alumni who have not received their Commemorative Medals due to the cancelation of face-to-face activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021. Therefore, the Commemorative Medals of the years 2020, 2021, and 2022 will all be presented to their owners on this year’s Alumni Day.

This year, we hope to get as many graduates as possible to attend the reunion. Therefore, if you have not yet applied for your Memorial Medal, please click the link Medal Request Form to complete your application until June 30.

Details of the event will be announced at the beginning of June. For related updates, you can visit the Alumni Office web page, follow the official METU social media accounts, sign up for the email list on our website’s contact page or apply to become a member of the ODTÜM group LinkedIn.

Join us back on campus for this special evening reconnecting with your classmates and celebrating our traditional alumni day.

We are so excited to welcome you back to METU and look forward to seeing you face to face 😊 on campus!

METU Alumni Office

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METU Awarded at Horizon Europe Launch Event

METU was awarded at the event hosted by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), which officialized Turkey’s participation in the Horizon Europe Program. With four successful projects from Turkey in the Horizon 2020 program, METU became the university that received the most awards.

The President of our University, Prof. Mustafa Verşan Kök, received the award that METU was deemed worthy of due to its achievements in the Black Sea CONNECT, BRIDGE-BS, NEOMATRIX, and SolarTwins projects conducted under the coordination of METU

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New ERC Consolidator Grant: DEEPTRACE

Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Yücel from the Institute of Marine Sciences at METU has been entitled to be funded for his project “DeepTrace” within the “Consolidator Grant” call by the European Research Council (ERC). In the “DeepTrace” project, deep-sea habitats with critical redox transitions will be explored in an interdisciplinary context covering the fields of oceanography, nanotechnology, and astrobiology.

New ERC Starting Grant: LCFLOW

Assoc. Prof. Emre Büküşoğlu from the Department of Chemical Engineering has been granted for his project “Liquid Crystals in Flow: A New Era in Sensing and Diagnostics (LCFlow)” within the “Starting Grant” call by the European Research Council (ERC). The project aims to develop fluid sensor platforms for rapid and comprehensive diagnosis using liquid crystals.

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Curious Kids’ Questions

On April 23, we celebrated National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, gifted to children by our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, at METU in the light of science as we did last year.

The event titled “Curious Kids’ Questions” was hosted by Prof. Y. Eren Kalay, while faculty members of METU, Prof. Arzu Gönenç Sorguç from the Department of Architecture, Asst. Prof. Dicle Dövencioğlu from the Department of Psychology, Prof. Altuğ Özpineci from the Department of Physics, and Assoc. Prof. Mecit Öztop from the Department of Food Engineering answered the science-related video questions submitted by preschool, primary and secondary school students by conducting various experiments. Primary school students from Mamak and Altındağ Çocuk Sevenler Primary Schools participated in the event as the audience.

You can watch this special program on METU YouTube Channel.

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All About Science (Bilimin Her Hali)

The third episode of METU’s science program series, “All About Science” was broadcast live at the METU Science and Technology History Exhibition area via the METU official YouTube channel. In this episode, the
importance of Göbeklitepe, the transition to the Neolithic Period, the daily lives in these periods, and METU’s contributions to archaeological studies were presented by Assoc. Prof. Çiğdem Atakuman and hosted by Dr. Korhan Özkan.

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ODTÜ’lü Yıllarım

In the second episode of our program, “My METU Years,” in which we host distinguished members of METU Alumni, Mehmet Auf was our guest. Auf has taken part in various popular TV series such as “Çocuklar Duymasın” and “En Son Babalar Duyar” as a screenwriter, screenplay consultant, and actor who now continues his career in the field of education and counseling. By clicking the link below, you can watch the enjoyable conversation we had with Mehmet Auf and learn about his years at METU and the invaluable experiences he shared.

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Benefits of METU Alumni Card: Tepe Home and DORES Residence

As an alumni cardholder, you can take advantage of benefits and offers exclusive to METU graduates. Tepe Home, one of the companies we cooperate with for the advantages of METU Alumni Card, has launched a 10% extra discount campaign for furniture, exclusively for our alumni who can benefit from special offers and discounts in many places with their alumni card.
Likewise, DORES Residence Turunç https://doresresidence.com/ offers a 10% discount to all our alumni with a METU alumni card throughout April and May.

We sincerely thank Tepe Home and DORES Residence Turunç for their discount campaign and cooperation.

You can find the complete list of benefits using the link below.

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Newsletter | Issue -36

ISSUE 36 | May 2022

Mourning the Loss of Our Former President Prof. Ömer Saatçioğlu

Prof. Ömer Saatçioğlu, who served as the Department of Industrial Engineering Chair and the President of METU between 1987 and 1992, passed away on April 24, 2022. He was the first METU President who was also a METU alumnus. He started the Industrial Management program at METU in the 1957-1958 academic year and graduated in 1961. Within the same year, he started the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Engineering Faculty. After graduating from the Department of Mechanical Engineering in March 1964, he started the master’s program in the same department. Upon completing the master’s program in April 1965, he earned the title of Engineer MSc.

In September 1965, he went to the University of Pittsburgh for a doctoral degree. After earning his Ph.D. degree in Operations Research and Systems Engineering Management in 1970, he returned to the Department of Business Administration at METU. In November 1970, he was appointed as the Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering, which was established just a year ago.

He became a Professor in November 1982 at METU. Serving as the Chair of the department for approximately 11 years, he made great contributions to the promotion and development of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research in our country. In addition to being a distinguished academic and a successful administrator, he was personally known by everyone as a helpful and a real gentleman.

Prof. Saatçioğlu will always be remembered with love, respect, and gratitude. May our esteemed Professor rest in peace. We extend our deepest condolences to their grieving family, friends, and the METU family.

You may access the memorial page for Prof. Saatçioğlu by clicking the link below and send us your condolence messages and photographs that you would like to share.

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Save the date: 2022 METU ALUMNI DAY

METU Alumni Day festivities will be held on July 30, 2022, with various day-long events. We kindly remind you that we have gathered a list of our alumni who have not received their Commemorative Medals due to the cancelation of face-to-face events due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021. Therefore, the Commemorative Medals of the years 2020, 2021, and 2022 will all be presented to their owners on this year’s Alumni Day. If you have not yet applied for your Memorial Medal, please click on the link below to submit your application until June 30: Medal Request Form.

We are glad to invite all our alumni back to the campus for our “2022 METU Alumni Day,” but especially those celebrating the 60th, 55th, 50th, 45th, 40th, 30th, 20th, and 10th years of their graduation. This year, we hope to host as many graduates as possible attending the reunion.

For updates regarding the Alumni Day events, you can visit the Alumni Office web page, follow the official METU social media accounts, sign up for the email list on the contact page of our website or apply to become a member of the ODTÜM group LinkedIn.

Join us back on campus for this special evening reconnecting with your classmates and celebrating our traditional alumni day.

We are looking forward to seeing you face to face on campus!

METU Alumni Office

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Happy METU Day!

We celebrate METU Day with all the members of the METU family, of which we are proud to be a part.

Education at our university started on November 15, 1956, with the name of the Middle East High Technology Institute. The purpose of the foundation was to contribute to the development of Turkey and the Middle East and train experts in the fields of both natural sciences and social sciences. On January 29, 1957, “Arrangements and Procedures as for the Foundation of METU, Law No. 6887” was enacted. Finally, with the enactment of The Foundation Act No. 7307 on May 27, 1959, METU officially became a legal entity.

Happy 63rd Anniversary to all members of the METU Family!

METU Ranks First Among Turkish Universities in the RUR World University Rankings

METU has ranked 336th in the 2022 World University Rankings announced by the Round University Ranking (RUR) and was placed in the “Bronze League.” According to the ranking, METU has ranked first among the universities in Turkey.

Detailed information about METU’s place in the ranking can be found at here.

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Curious Kids’ Questions

The event titled “Curious Kids’ Questions” was hosted by Prof. Y. Eren Kalay, while faculty members of METU, Prof. Arzu Gönenç Sorguç from the Department of Architecture, Asst. Prof. Dicle Dövencioğlu from the Department of Psychology, Prof. Altuğ Özpineci from the Department of
Physics, and Assoc. Prof. Mecit Öztop from the Department of Food Engineering answered the science-related children’s video questions by conducting various experiments.

Primary school students from Mamak and Altındağ Çocuk Sevenler Primary Schools participated as the audience. You can watch this special program on METU YouTube Channel.

You can watch this special program on METU YouTube Channel.

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All About Science (Bilimin Her Hali)

The fourth episode of the METU science program series, “All About Science,” was broadcast live at the METU Science and Technology Exhibition Hall via the METU YouTube Channel.

Dr. Pelin Angın was the guest of the new episode which was hosted by Assoc. Prof. Çiğdem Atakuman. By clicking on the link below, you can watch the episode titled “Let’s Code Together,” in which topics such as robots, artificial intelligence, and computer science were touched upon.

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“Science Everywhere:” The Robotic Touch

In the second episode of our science program “Science Everywhere”, the insights into the latest scientific research in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic touch have been covered with fun facts. This program series has been created by METU Science Communication Office and Pergamon Production.

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Applications for the Graduate Programs Begin

Applications for the graduate programs for the Fall Semester of 2022-2023 Academic Year have begun. You can click on the link below for detailed information

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Tür Say 2022

The citizen science project, BioBlitz event, organized by METU Ecosystem Research and Implementation Center (EKOSAM) and Nature Conservation Center (DKM), to observe and identify species and make your own contribution to natural sciences on May 22, International Day for Biological Diversity. You can learn the details of this project from our videocast series.

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Prof. Dr. Rona Aybay Scholarship

You can contribute to the sustainability of this scholarship with your donations. Please find the details below.


Bank Account: 4229 – 1423524

IBAN: TR520006400000142291423524


TEDx, a global concept, aims to bring together expert speakers from various fields, performance artists, and thousands of participants every year. Organized by the METU Research and Development Club, TEDxMETUAnkara, as the largest TEDx event in Ankara, has so far hosted lots of distinguished speakers such as Ahmet Ümit, Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu, Levent Ülgen, Mert Fırat, and Şahika Ercümen. Videos from these events have reached millions of views on the official YouTube channel of TEDx. TEDxMETUAnkara, which will be held for the 6th time this year, will take place at the METU Culture and Convention Center on June 11, 2022. With its “cocoon” theme this year, TEDxMETUAnkara will continue to raise awareness and elaborate on the unspoken areas as always. We would be happy to see our esteemed alumni at this event, as well. METU alumni can purchase seats in the VIP category with an exclusive 25% discount.

25% Discount Code Exclusive to METU Alumni: MEZUN25

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Newsletter | Issue -20

ISSUE 20 | January 2021

Mourning the loss of our Former Presidents Prof. Dr. Nuri Saryal, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Acar

In December 2020, just as an extremely difficult year was coming to an end, the METU community was deeply saddened to hear the passing of two esteemed professors and former METU presidents, Prof. Dr. Nuri Saryal and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Acar.

Prof. Dr. Nuri Saryal, who passed away on December 22, 2020, served as Chair of the Department of Energy, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, as well as Vice President and President.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Acar, who made immense contributions to the development of METU, passed away on December 27, 2020.

Prof. Acar began his academic career at the Department of Business Administration under the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in February 1980, later serving as Department Chair, Dean, Vice President as well as the Founding President of Northern Cyprus Campus. During his terms as President between 06.08.2008 and 28.07.2016, Prof. Acar, with his outstanding leadership skills and visionary personality, made invaluable contributions to the success of METU.

Our late professors will always be remembered with love, respect and gratitude.

May our esteemed professors, Prof. Dr. Nuri Saryal and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Acar rest in peace.We extend our deepest condolences to their grieving families, friends and the METU family.

You may access the memorial pages for our professors using the link below and send us any memories and pictures you would like to share.

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Assoc. Prof. H. Mecit Öztop and team to lead €2 million Fun TomP project

METU will coordinate the FunTomP (Functionalized Tomato Products) project, submitted under the Section 1 Agrofood Value Chain of the Horizon 2020 PRIMA Program, which supports agriculture, food, agro-food chain, and water related projects in the Mediterranean Region. The project was granted nearly 2 million Euros in funding.

The project consortium comprising 16 partners from 9 different Mediterranean countries (Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia) will combine two indispensable Mediterranean foods, tomatoes and olives, to produce tomato juice, sauce, powder, fruit leather and snack type products.

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METU Institute of Marine Sciences to lead €9 million project on Blue Growth

Prof. Dr. Barış Salihoğlu and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yücel from the Institute of Marine Sciences will be leading a €9 million project entitled, “BRIDGE-BS: Advancing Black Sea Research and Innovation to Co-Develop Blue Growth within Resilient Ecosystems”, which was submitted for the “H2020-BG-2018-2020” call.

Having placed first among all of the project submissions, the BRIDGE-BS Project involves a consortium of 33 partnering organizations from seven countries around the Black Sea, 8 EU member states and several international entities. BRIDGE-BS is also on record as the EU H2020 project with the largest number of Turkish partners to date.

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METU partnering in EuroCC, large-scale Horizon 2020 High Performance Computing Project

EuroCC, an EU Horizon 2020 project, officially commenced on September 1, 2020 with the participation of 33 countries, including METU as one of its Turkish partners ( https://hpc-portal.eu/ and https://eurocc.truba.gov.tr ). Assoc. Prof. Hande Toffoli from the Physics Department is the project coordinator for METU.

The project aims to establish national High Performance Computing (HPC) Competence Centers in the participating countries to support interdisciplinary collaboration in important disciplines such as material sciences, molecular dynamics, bioinformatics, fluid dynamics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The ultimate goal is to create a national platform to develop industry-university cooperation, along with a Europe-wide network of HPC Competence Centers.

> more

METU/BILTIR-UTEST “User Experience Research” Project receives TÜBİTAK 1001 – COVID-19 and Society funding

The METU/BILTIR-UTEST Product Usability Unit is investigating the effects of remote working conditions caused by the pandemic on User Experience (UX) practices, which is an emerging field in Turkey.

The project team includes Assist. Prof. Gülşen Töre Yargın from the METU Industrial Design Department, Assist. Prof. Sedef Süner Pla Cerda from the TEDÜ Industrial Design Department, and PhD student Semih Danış and MSc student Hilal Şahin from METU.

> more

…and the Academy Awards go to: Dr. Erik Jeppesen and Dr. Korhan Özkan

Prof. Dr. Erik Jeppesen, METU affiliated faculty member, has received the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA) International Academy Award in the Science and Engineering Sciences category for his groundbreaking research on the effects of global climate change on aquatic ecosystems.

Assist. Prof. Korhan Özkan from the METU Institute of Marine Sciences has received the Academy’s Outstanding Young Scientist Award (GEBİP) for his promising work on Antarctica.

> more

Undergraduate Research Day Held Online

AdımODTÜ, a joint project between the Corporate Communications Office and the METU Development Foundation, is continuing to fund METU undergraduate student research projects.

We extend our congratulations to all of our undergraduate students and their advisors who continued their research despite pandemic related challenges and thank all of our faculty members and alumni who supported the project.

The poster presentations our students made on December 24, 2020 for Undergraduate Research Day can be viewed on the “gather.town” platform from the below link.

> more

Prof. Berrin Tansel wins AAEES Award

Prof. Berrin Tansel, METU alumna, professor of environmental engineering and undergraduate program director at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, has been granted the AAEES 2021 Science Award for her outstanding contributions to the field of environmental engineering. Prof. Tansel will receive her award at a ceremony tentatively scheduled for April 2021 in Washington, DC. Prof. Tansel says, “I am humbled and honored. I am happy to see my work getting recognition from my professional society.”

> more

Applications Open for Graduate Programs

To help graduate school candidates applying for Master’s and PhD programs at METU, the Career Planning Center has conducted interviews with Institute Directors, faculty members, students, and alumni. Please click the below “watch” to see interviews on YouTube METU CPC Channel.

Application deadline: January 29th, 2020.


> watch

Registration Still Open: METU SFL Online Language and Test Prep (TOEFL/IELTS) Courses

The online language learning programs offered by the METU School of Foreign Languages are still accepting students. Please click on the link below for detailed information about the language and test preparation courses.

> more


Newsletter | Issue -21

ISSUE 21 | February 2021

“For the Love of METU” Student Scholarship Project

AdımODTÜ has initiated a METU student scholarship project on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Alumni and friends of METU can make donations on their own behalf or on behalf of a loved one to the scholarship fund to demonstrate their love for METU as well and help support our students’ education.

Those donating to the scholarship fund will receive a METU stuffed teddy bear or the “ODTÜ Aşkına” mug sent by cargo to an address of their choosing along with their personal message.

Support the project here.

Watch the “For the Love of METU” video here.

AdımODTÜ is a joint project between the Instutional Communications Office and the METU Development Foundation. It is a communication-sharing-action platform where everyone is invited to contribute by helping fund support students’ and faculty members’ scientific research and community service projects, spread the word about the projects, and even take part in projects voluntarily.

> watch

Prof. Asuman Özdağlar named IEEE Fellow

Our Electrical – Electronics Engineering alumna Professor Asuman Özdağlar has been named as an IEEE Fellow for 2021. Prof. Özdağlar, who is currently leading the MIT Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Department, was recognized for her contributions to distributed multi-agent networks. Her research investigates problems in the analysis and optimization of large-scale, dynamic multi-agent networked systems, including networks for communication, transportation as well as social and economic enterprises.

For more detailed information click here.

> more

BIOMATEN Publication is on the Cover of Advanced Biology

An article by METU Center of Excellence in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering researchers Dr. Ezgi Antmen, Prof. Dr. Vasıf Hasırcı and Prof. Dr. Utkan Demirci was published in the inner cover of the Advanced Biology Journal.

In the article, Vasıf Hasırcı, Ezgi Antmen and Utkan Demirci present micropatterned surfaces that reveal the association between actin filaments, mechanotransduction, nuclear deformability and cancer malignancy. The transparent micropatterned surfaces can be used as image analysis platforms to provide robust, high throughput measurements of nuclear deformability of cancer cells, including the effect of cytoskeletal elements.

> more

METU and U Glasgow to 3-D print low-cost and high-speed housing components

Assist. Professor Çağla Meral Akgül from the METU Department of Civil Engineering was granted funding for the project she is leading entitled, “Climate resilient 3D-printable building components incorporating sustainable and low-cost materials (3D-PC): Providing low-cost and high-speed housing for vulnerable populations”. Dr. Akgül’s project will be supported by the “TÜBİTAK – British Council (UK) Bilateral Cooperation (Institutional Links) Programme”.

> more

Three METU faculty members receive Elginkan Foundation Technology Award

The winners of the Elginkan Foundation 2020 Turkish Culture, Research and Technology Awards have been announced. Three faculty members from METU were selected for the Technology Award Program, which has recognized outstanding technological efforts for the past 15 years.

The recipients of this prestigious award were Prof. Dr. Haluk Külah from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering for his work on microsystems (BioMEMS) for biomedical applications; Prof. Dr. Hüsnü Emrah Ünalan from the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering for his work on metal nano-technology and its industrial applications, and Prof. Dr. Mayda Gürsel from the Department of Biological Sciences for her work on the immune system.

> more

Winners of the 2020 METU Prof. Dr. Mustafa N. Parlar Education and Research Foundation Awards Announced

The winners of the Honor, Science, Outstanding Service, Research and Technology Incentive Awards granted by METU Prof.Dr. Mustafa N. Parlar Education and Research Foundation have been announced.

Prof. Dr. Doğan Altınbilek from the Department of Civil Engineering was deemed worthy of the 2020 Outstanding Service Award of the METU Parlar Foundation. The recipients of the Research Incentive Award include Assoc. Prof. Batur Ercan from the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering; Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Yücel from the Graduate School of Marine Sciences; Assist. Prof. Emre Akbaş from the Department of Computer Engineering and Assist. Prof. Zöhre Kurt from the Department of Environmental Engineering.

Please find the full list of the award-winning faculty members here.

> more

10 Tips for a Good Winter Break during a Pandemic

Assoc. Prof. Aslı Bugay Sökmez from the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department at the Northern Cyprus Campus offers much needed advice on how to make the most of a school break with children under pandemic conditions.

To see these tips, please click here.


Newsletter | Issue -22

ISSUE 22 | March 2021

Dear METU Alumni,

It is our pleasure to let you know that METU Alumni Office, in collaboration with Audio-Visual Systems Research and Production Center (GİSAM), has initiated a project called “METU Alumni Stories” to introduce our university, particularly to prospective students.
One aspect of the project involves METU alumni residing abroad. We hope to create visual stories about METU alumni living abroad with your videos. These movies will be stored in the METU digital archive, shared on our social media accounts and shown to prospective students in person after the pandemic.

For the videos you would like to send, please include:

•Personal information such as name, year of graduation, department, current city/country and job,

•Brief accounts of how you got to your present position and your post-graduation story,

•Your advice for students preparing for university as well as current METU students,

•An account of the impact METU has had on your life and your career,

•The feelings you associate with METU, any memories from your time at METU that you would like to share

Here is a sample video:


You are welcome to send to us your videos using any cloud service such as
Google Drive, by the end of April 2021 to gisam@metu.edu.tr. We cannot wait to see your videos!

> more

Somel’s Group Published in Nature

An article co-written by Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Somel from the Biological Sciences Department and his team was published in Nature. To reach the article entitled, “Million-year-old DNA sheds light on the genomic history mammoths”, click on the link below:

> more

Prof. Deniz Üner Receives TÜBİTAK BİDEB National Leading Researchers Grant

Chemical Engineering Department faculty member Prof. Deniz Üner has been awarded funding under the TÜBİTAK BİDEB 2247-A National Leading Researchers Program for her project entitled, “Operando NMR Spectroscopy: A New Method for Monitoring Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions”.

> more

METU Alum Prof. Behçet Açıkmeşe’s Algorithm Used to Land NASA’s Perseverance Rover on Mars

An algorithm created by Prof. Dr. Behçet Açıkmeşe, a METU Civil Engineering Department alumnus, for the Curiosity rover was also used on the guided navigation and control system of NASA’s Perseverance rover, which recently landed on Mars. For more details: https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/

> more

Physical Education and Sports Department Joined Erasmus+ Project Consortium

Our Department of Physical Education and Sports has joined a consortium for a project entitled, “Standing Together for a Healthier and Safer Society”, supported by the
European Commission ERASMUS+ program. Prof. Levent İnce has been acted as the department representative on the

> more

METU Industrial Design Department Receives European Union Erasmus+ KA203 Grant

Our Department of Industrial Design has recently become a partner in a new European Union project “D.Doc” that will map doctoral-level design education across all 34 Erasmus+ member states. The project is funded under the “KA203Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Scheme” and locally coordinated by Prof. Owain Pedgley.

> more

Save the Date: METU Career Fair 22-26 March (online)

The METU Career Fair is on this year to introduce METU students and alumni to companies, and career opportunities. The Fair will be take place online on 22-26 March.
For details, see the link below:

> more

ODTÜ TEKNOKENT Support for TÜBİTAK BİGG Applications

Are you an entrepreneur-to be and want to be your own boss? Take advantage of the support ODTÜ TEKNOKENT is offering again this year for TÜBİTAK BİGG applications! ODTÜ TEKNOKENT continues to support entrepreneurs through 5 different consortia featuring collaborations in all areas with Turkey’s leading companies and organizations. For more information, visit

http://odtuteknokent.com.tr/tr/programlar/girisimcilik#38 or email bigg@odtuteknokent.com.tr.

> more

2nd Annual Sci-Fi Story Writing Contest!

How would you like to write a science-fiction story that takes place on campus? The METU Science Communication Group is organizing the Sci-Fi Story Writing Contest for the second time this year. Please visit https://big.metu.edu.tr/bilim-kurgu-oyku-yarismasi-2/ for more details.

> more


Newsletter | Issue -23

ISSUE 23 | April 2021

METU Speed Networking Event Goes Online

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the METU Career Planning Center and the Alumni Office brought together METU’s esteemed alumni and third and fourth year METU students for a jointly organized project, “METU Speed Networking Event”.

This exciting and fun event gave our students the opportunity to meet many distinguished alumni within a very short time while we enjoyed hosting our alumni, who were glad to be home again.

Due to the pandemic, we had to give a break to our “METU Speed Networking” event, which we previously held face-to-face with the Departments of Economics, Psychology, and Statistics. However, we held our Speed Networking Event online On Saturday, April 3rd, in collaboration with the Mathematics Department using the Zoom and Gather.Town applications.

Mathematics Department Alumni and students were able to meet in the designated spaces we arranged for them on Gather.Town during the two-hour event. We intend to continue these online “METU Speed Networking” events soon.

We would like to thank those who helped us organize this fun event, most notably, The Chair of the Department of Mathematics, Professor Yıldıray Ozan, and our professors, alumni and students who joined.

We hope to have more of these events with even greater participation.

> more

April 23 Science Event: Curious Kid’s Questions

We celebrate April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, which the Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk presented to children, at METU in the light of science.

METU professors will answer children’s scientific video questions in an online activity organized by METU Science and Society Research Center, Science Communication Team, and GİSAM.

You can watch the introductory short film about the event from
and you can access the detailed information on the TBM website below.

> more

METU Earthquake Engineering Research Center

The METU Earthquake Engineering Research Center (EERC) is a multidisciplinary institute founded in 1976 as one of the first research centers in the field. Its goal is to conduct scientific and professional research on earthquake engineering, engineering seismology and earthquakes’ socio-economic aspects.

Directed by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yakut from the Department of Civil Engineering, the Center brings together faculty members from the Departments of Civil Engineering, Geological Engineering, Engineering Sciences and Statistics.

> more

Research Helping Cancer Patients with Anticipatory Nausea

METU Department of Psychology Faculty Member Dr. Sezen Kışlal has been working on finding a solution to the anticipatory nausea experienced by cancer patients receiving chemotherapy through the TÜBİTAK 2232 International Leading Researchers Program.

> more

METU Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department ranks 11th in World Rankings

The Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department has been ranked 11th in the QS World Rankings List. CNN TÜRK interviewed department Chair Assoc. Prof. Çağlar Sınayuç about the secret behind the success of the department, which trains engineers to work on drilling and seismic research ships.

> watch

“Digital Teachers” Project Receives 3 Awards!

The first cohort of 1,000 teachers have received training under METU’s “Digital Teachers” Project, conducted in collaboration with ING Turkey and the Habitat Association. The project has been awarded in the “Outstanding Community Initiative” and “Outstanding Educational Service” categories in the international Global Business Excellence Awards, and received the Gold Award in the Social Responsibility category in the PSM Awards 2020 in Turkey.

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“Share UR Research” Video Competition

The METU Science Communication Group and GISAM (Audiovisual Systems Research and Production Center) hold a video competition for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers at METU.

The competition entitled “Share UR Research” aims to contribute to science communication and requires participants to present their own original research in an English video they will make themselves. The winner will receive funding to attend an international conference.

> more

AdımOdtü Internet Scholarship

Thanks to the invaluable support of our esteemed alumni, staff and friends of METU, we were able to support 700 students by paying for their internet access during the 2020 Spring and 2021 Fall semesters. We are deeply grateful to those whose generosity sustains METU as it flourishes into the future.

We would like to offer an Internet Scholarship 100 TL per month for four months to METU students in need of support as we hold the Spring semester online this year.

We invite all friends of METU and our alumni to support our students’ education during this unprecedented time. To support the project please click here.

> more

ODTÜDEN Now Ships Abroad

METU Logo products and course books are now shipped to 178 countries! As of 15 March 2021, purchases made on odtuden.com.tr are delivered around the world.
For detailed information, visit: ODTÜDEN.

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Newsletter | Issue -24

ISSUE 24 | May 2021

Have a Computer Lying Around? A METU Student Could Use It!

AdımODTÜ is still supporting students in need during the pandemic with computers donated by faculty members, alumni and friends of METU.

Instruction is online this spring term, and we still have students who need access to distance education. We are more than happy to deliver your PC or laptop in working condition to METU students on your behalf.

Donated computers are picked up by the AdımODTÜ team, checked, and then formatted with support from IT Department staff, who finally install the programs students need. Students who have submitted a request are sent a computer free of charge via the courier company ODTÜDEN has an agreement with.

If you would like to donate a computer in working condition, all you need to do is fill in the form and the AdımODTÜ team will get in touch with you.

> more

April 23rd Children’s Day Festivities

METU used science to celebrate April 23rd Children’s Day, dedicated to children of the world by the Founder of the Turkish Republic, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

During the event supported by the TBM (Society and Science Application and Research Center) and GİSAM (Audio-Visual Systems Research and Application Center), our professors conducted experiments to respond to the science-related short video questions from children all over Turkey on April 23rd during a live broadcast.

> watch

Business Management Computer Lab Renewed

In 2019, the Classes of ’89, ’90, ’99 and 2000, who would be celebrating the 20th and 30th anniversary of their graduation in 2019 and 2020, made personal donations to cover the cost of the 335,000 TL project to renew the computer laboratory at the Department of Business Management located in the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences (B) Block. The project was featured in “Education Snapshots”, an important online publication in the field of educational architecture and as the project of the week in “Bi_Özet”, a leading Turkish architectural publication.

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METUWIND Cooperating with Danish Partners on WindFlag Project

The METU Center for Wind Energy Research (METUWIND) cooperates with
partners from Denmark in a project coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Ozan Keysan
from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, with the
participation of researchers Assoc. Prof. Nejan Huvaj and Assoc. Prof.
Elif Oğuz from the Department of Civil Engineering. The international
project entitled “Offshore Wind Farms Large-Scale Integration in Turkey
(WindFlag)” was launched on March 1, 2020, and is planned to take 36

> more

METU Faculty Members Receive BAGEP Awards

METU faculty members Assoc. Prof. Murat Göl from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Assist. Prof. Antione Marion from the Department of Chemistry, and Assist. Prof. Selçuk Yerci from the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences have been awarded by the Science Academy’s Young Scientist Awards Program (BAGEP).

> more

Interview with Prof. Mayda Gürsel on the VLP-based Turkish COVID-19 vaccine

METU Biological Sciences Department Faculty Member Professor Mayda Gürsel
and her team are nearing the end of Phase 1 of clinical trials of their
VLP-based COVID-19 vaccination, being developed in cooperation with
Bilkent University. We interviewed Professor Gürsel on her work.

To read the interview: ODTÜ’den Haberler.

> more

Breakthrough paper by Institute of Marine Sciences published in Nature Geoscience

A breakthrough article entitled, “Effect of Tectonic Processes on Biosphere–Geosphere Feedbacks across a Convergent Margin”, co-authored by Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Yücel from the METU Institute of Marine Sciences, has been published in Nature Geoscience, a leading and high impact factor journal in the field of Earth Sciences. All of the geochemical analyses of hydrothermal fluids for the multidisciplinary research were conducted at the METU Institute of Marine Sciences, Marine Ecosystem and Climate Center (DEKOSIM) laboratories, and the data interpretation and integration were done by the METU Institute of Marine Sciences.

> more

Live Webinars – METU Undergraduate Programs

Since April 2020, we have been introducing our undergraduate programs
online with the invaluable support of our faculty members, students, and
alumni. You can reach these presentations on METU’s official YouTube

The presentations of our undergraduate programs are not only an excellent
resource for prospective students and their families but are also being
collected in an invaluable archive. To access the previous webinars, click here.

> watch

Graduate Admissions

Graduate program applications for the 2021-2022 Academic Year Fall
Semester are now being accepted. Please check the following website for
detailed information about programs, admission requirements, and

> more

AdımODTÜ Undergraduate Research Project Results Announced

A research fund created with the contributions of staff, alumni, the METU
Development Foundation, and friends of METU has been supporting
undergraduate student research projects as part of an AdımODTÜ initiative.

The AdımODTÜ Undergraduate Research program has funded 70 different
research projects from 22 departments since 2018. This year, the program
received a total of 116 undergraduate research projects. Of the
submissions, 67 of the 92 projects shortlisted for evaluation by a jury of
faculty members were selected for funding.

Click below to see the selected projects.

> more


Newsletter | Issue -25

ISSUE 25 | June 2021

2021 METU Alumni Day

Dear Alumni,

Sadly, we have to postpone METU Alumni Day event due to the ongoing global
pandemic. We hold our traditional METU Alumni Day festivities each year in
June. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic measures still in place, we
have decided to hold an online event in September under the current
circumstances. The corresponding announcements will continue to be made
through the METU official social media accounts, the Alumni Office website , and email.

Furthermore, we plan to create a list of alumni who could not receive
their medals due to the canceled METU Day festivities, have the medals
made, and present them to their owners during the first face-to-face event
we hold for Alumni Day. We cannot wait to celebrate Alumni Day with you at
the first possible opportunity. Your support and understanding at this
time are much appreciated.

In the meantime, we would like to kindly remind you that you can purchase
your missing medals from past years through the ODTÜDEN shop as always.

Hope to see you in healthier times,

METU Alumni Office

> more

Alumni Visiting the Campus

The Internal Services Office has announced that campus visitor access is allowed as of 5 June 2021 as per the tiered normalization process.

Therefore, all campus visitors are urged to practice pandemic safety measures including mask wearing, social distancing and good hygiene to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keep it under control.

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In 1988, taking into account the date of the founding law for METU, the
METU Senate resolved that May 27th would be celebrated as METU Day, with
annual festivities be held on the occasion. Since that day, the final
workday of the week of May 27th has been celebrated as METU Day.

Please click on the link below to watch the video prepared as part of the
METU Day celebrations.

> watch

Mourning the Loss of METU’s First Alumni, Doruk Pamir

With great sadness, we share the news of the passing of M. Doruk Pamir,
the first graduate of the Department of Architecture, who received the
very first METU diploma. Doruk Pamir was born in Istanbul on April 30th,
1938, and studied at the Department of Architecture between 1956 and 1960.
After working in the same department as an assistant, he went to the US
for graduate studies. Upon his return, he taught at the Department of
Architecture between 1962 and 1970. Pamir was the designer of many
important works and did academic work nationally and internationally.

We extend our condolences to his loved ones. May he rest in peace.

METU Research Ship Bilim-2 in the Marmara Sea

The METU Marine Sciences Institute Bilim-2 research ship set sail towards
the Marmara Sea and observed the devastating sea snot. According to Marine
Sciences Institute Faculty Member and Institute Deputy Director, Assoc.
Prof. Mustafa Yücel, “The live feed from our ship shows that the sea snot
is not just on the surface but has a gel-like consistency below and the
oxygen in the sea is down to alarmingly low levels.”

> more

METU Ranked First for Patents and Commercialization

METU ranked 1st in the Patent Effect’s 2020 Patent Report, according to
both commercialization and numbers of commercialization by cumulative data
and licensed patents.

The report entitled “Turkey’s Patent Map” is created based on patent data
to measure and track the innovation performance of countries, companies,
universities, and institutions. The report features an overall analysis of
the patent applications submitted until 31 December 2020.

> more

METU Ranks First among Turkish Universities in CWUR’s Global 2000 rankings

METU ranked first among 55 universities from Turkey according to the
2021-2022 rankings of 2,000 universities worldwide, according to the
Center for World University Rankings (CWUR).

CWUR considers the quality of education, alumni employment, quality of
faculty, and research performance for its rankings, where METU came in
first in the national rankings, with a total of 73.4 points.

> more

METU Team receives 2 Grand Prizes in International Business Ethics Case Competition

The METU team comprising Nurpari Damirova and Rabia Akçay won first place
in two categories in the International Business Ethics Case Competition.
Damirova and Akçay are Prof. Semra F. Aşcıgil’s students in her “Business
Ethics” undergraduate class at the Department of Business Administration.

> more

Graduate Admissions Still Open

Graduate Applications will be accepted until June 25th. You can watch the introduction of our graduate programs using the following

> more

“Celebrating Scientists on their Birthdays” Podcast Series

The METU Science Communication Group is celebrating the birthdays of
world-famous scientists with their new podcast series. Please click on the
link below to listen to their episodes on Richard Feynman and Peter Higgs.

Click below to see the selected projects.

> listen

Science Congress for High School Students

The METU and Ministry of National Education joint initiative called
“Science High Schools 4th National Student Congress” will be held on
14-15-16 June and feature science high school students from all over
Turkey. The themes for this year are “Nanotechnology” and “Artificial
Intelligence” in this 3-day online conference led by the METU Society and
Science Application and Research Center and Cumhuriyet Science High
School. The congress will have high school student presentations and
panels, and competitions with METU faculty members in attendance. The
event will be broadcast live over the METU official YouTube channel.

Click below for details about the schedule.

> more

With Love from Eymir

We proudly present our new video clip featuring blue skies, the sounds of nature and a cool spring breeze accompanying an outstanding quartet playing Antonio Lucio Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons-Spring”.

Click below to view.

> watch


Newsletter | Issue -26

ISSUE 26 | July 2021

Congratulations, Class of 2021!

While the past one and a half years have been full of challenges, you have proven that focus, hard work, and dedication can get you to your goal.
We want to congratulate you on completing your program
in these unprecedented times.

Your journey has been different than that of any other class in our
history. Still, we know that you’ll take all that you’ve learned, both
inside and outside the classroom, to build more meaningful lives,
successful careers and ultimately make a difference in the world.

We welcome you into the METU Alumni Network as our newest esteemed
members. As you move forward on your path, remember that your ties with
METU will last a lifetime.

You are now joining a big family with more than METU 140,000 alumni who
live in 140 different countries. Your achievements as alumni will inspire
our current students and thousands of those to come. We are always proud
of you and wish you the very best in all your future endeavors.

Enjoy this moment in time. You’ve certainly earned it!

METU Alumni Office

METU Sports Club Amputee Football Team Goes ‘Super’

The METU Amputee Football Team has established itself as the 2020 – 2021
season champion among the ten teams competing in the 1st League, now
joining the Super League. The METU team played against Şanlıurfa in their
final game, which ended in a tie. The METU team scored the most penalties
during the extra time and grabbed the championship cup for the 2020-2021
season. Congratulations to our champions!

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Sky News Interviews Dr. Yücel of Marine Sciences Institute on Sea Snot Crisis

Marine Sciences Institute Faculty Member and Institute Deputy Director, Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Yücel, spoke to Sky News about the current sea snot crisis
in the Marmara Sea and how
to mitigate this recent environmental crisis.

> watch

METU to Meet Prospective Students at Online Fair

The METU Fair for Prospective Students will take place online this year
due to the pandemic.

The fair will take place on 5-6-7 August 2021 and offer prospective
students information about our Ankara and Northern Cyprus campuses. All of
our academic programs will feature in the METU Fair, during which
prospective students will be able to ask questions using a chat tool
between 10 am and 8 pm. Interested students will also be able to video
chat with faculty members. Students will also have the opportunity to take
a virtual campus tour as well as take part in activities such as “Ask the
Advisor to the President”.

> more

METU NCC Launches 2 New Undergraduate Programs

Two new undergraduate programs have been launched at the METU Northern Cyprus Campus.

The new programs that will begin admitting students this coming fall are
Industrial Engineering, a highly popular field globally, and Software
Engineering, which is consistently cited as the engineering field of the
future. Students will be able to join these programs at the METU Northern
Cyprus Campus for the 2021-2022 Academic year.

These new programs will admit students with scholarships covering 100% and %50 of the tuition, as well as offer students scholarships outside the set quotas. For further details,
please visit the official websites of the programs of Industrial Engineering, and
Software Engineering .

> more

METU NCC Offers Tuition Waiver for Alumni Family Members

The world needs more METU alums. The METU NCC is offering alumni a %20
tuition waiver for family members because there can never be too many METU
alums in a family! Please click on the below link for further details
about the fee waiver and our Northern Cyprus campus.

> more

Virtual Reality Glasses Developed at METU TEKNOKENT.

Researchers at METU TEKNOKENT have developed VR glasses that can diagnose
eye diseases. The glasses can be used to test a patient’s eyes within
minutes during a check-up and diagnose any issues with the eyes. Please
click on the link below for details.

> watch

5th METU Speed Networking Event

The 5th in the METU Speed Networking Event series featured the Faculty of Architecture City and Regional Planning Department and the Industrial Design Department in
cooperation with the METU Alumni Office. The event took place on the “Gather Town” application, bringing together our alumni and students online.

> more

Call for Ideas: Falling Walls Lab Ankara

The 2021 international lab season has officially begun!

Students, researchers, and early-career professionals of all disciplines
are invited to pitch their innovative project proposals in 3 minutes,
showcasing a breakthrough idea that aims to have a positive impact on
science and society.

Applications for the Falling Walls Lab-Ankara competition will be accepted
until July 25th. For more details, click on the link below.

> more


Newsletter | Issue -27

ISSUE 27 | August 2021

2021 METU Alumni Day

Dear Alumni,

As we informed you in May, the “2021 METU Alumni Day” festivities were
postponed to September and would take place online because of continuing
concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic. We plan to gather a list of our
alumni who have not received their Commemorative Medals due to the
cancelation of face-to-face activities. The medals will be presented to
their owners at the first possible face-to-face event. We hope to
celebrate our traditional Alumni Day as soon as the opportunity presents

Since we could not hold our face-to-face Alumni Day event due to the
pandemic, we hope to see you at our virtual event on September 25th, 2021.
Our virtual “METU Alumni far and near, always together!” event details and
the program will be announced at the beginning of September. For related updates, you can visit the Alumni Office webpage , follow official METU social media accounts, sign up for the email list on the contact page of our website or apply to become a member of the ODTÜM group on LinkedIn.

We thank you for your patience and support during these challenging times.

Hoping to see you in healthy times,

METU Alumni Office

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METU Virtual Tour

METU Office of Institutional Relations and the Head of our Departments
collaborated to create a virtual tour of the entire campus, including the
departments, student spaces, dorms, and Lake Eymir. Using the link below,
you can take the tour (compatible with VR glasses) and find information
about the departments and view their introduction videos.

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METU Alum Doğa Çağdaş Demirkan Gets Award for Research on AI in Mining

Doğa Çağdaş Demirkan, a METU alum currently in a US Ph.D. program, has won
an annual student poster competition with his poster entitled,
“Real-Time/Near-Real-Time Methane Prediction in Longwall Coal Mine Using
Artificial Intelligence”. The competition was held in conjunction with the
Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium’s (RMACC) High-Performance
Computing Symposium.

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High School Students Led by Prof. Tolga Can Win International Informatics Olympiad Medals

Team Turkey, led by Prof. Tolga Can from the Department of Computer
Engineering, won one silver and two bronze medals at the 33rd
International Informatics Olympiad.

Cengiz Eray Aslan, Ege Kabasakaloğlu, Olcay Oransoy, and Yusuf Onur Üşümez
were selected to represent Turkey in the regional and international
Science Olympiad in informatics within the scope of TÜBİTAK 2022 Science
Olympics. They participated in the online competition hosted by Singapore
on June 19-25, 2021, to great success. Ege Kabasakaloğlu won a silver
medal, Olcay Oransoy and Yusuf Onur Üşümez won two bronze medals in this
year’s Olympiad, in which 351 high school students from 88 countries

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Another of Eren Bali’s Ventures is a Unicorn: Carbon Health

Double-major Mathematics and Computer Engineering alum Eren Bali has
created his second business deemed a unicorn. Bali, who previously founded
Udemy in 2010 and managed to make it a unicorn, zoomed in on the health
sector this time via his new venture Carbon Health. Inspired by carbon,
the most commonly found element in organic life, Bali wanted to create a
patient-facing platform where everyone could easily access healthcare
services, including medical records, clinician workflows, revenue cycle
management, and thus named the company Carbon Health.

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METU Ranks First in European Research Projects

As the Horizon 2020 program comes to a close, Middle East Technical
University has ranked first among Turkish universities regarding the
number of projects that received funding. METU shares first place with Koç
University in terms of the number of projects while ranking second in
terms of the total budget. The budget our university spent on 51 Horizon
2020 projects conducted between the years 2014-2020 was €17.3 million.
Completing the Seventh Framework Program by ranking in the first place,
METU has received €42 million worth of funding for 183 projects in total
since the Fifth Framework Program.

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The kind donations made by alumni, staff, and friends of METU have enabled
1,044 students who had requested assistance from AdımODTÜ due to the
pandemic to receive internet Access support funding of 100.- TL.

In addition to the internet support, 120 students in Adana, Aksaray,
Ankara, Aydın, Bursa, Diyarbakır, Edirne, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, İstanbul,
İzmir, Kayseri, Kırıkkale, Kocaeli, Konya, Manisa, Mardin, Mersin,
Nevşehir, Şanlıurfa, Siirt, Sivas, Trabzon, Van and Zonguldak have been
sent desktop or laptop computers.

We thank our esteemed alumni and friends of METU once again for their support.

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Newsletter | Issue -28

ISSUE 28 | September 2021

2021 METU Alumni Day

Dear Alumni,

It’s the final countdown for our online, “ODTÜLÜ’ler Her Yerde Hep Birlikte” meeting.

All our preparation is almost complete for our event, which will be broadcast live on Friday, September 25, 2021 at 6pm on the METU YouTube channel. We are excited to meet with you after a long break, even though we have had to go online.

As was the case for many of our past Alumni Day events, our student and alumni clubs will be performing for us this year. In addition to our line-up of outstanding speakers and guests, the two-hour event will feature music and dance recitals by the METU President’s Office Choir and the Classical Turkish Music Club Alumni as well as Jazzberry Tunes, not to mention competitions and the various surprises we have in store for you. We are making sure that everyone will have a very good time.

You will receive updates about the programs details and the YouTube viewing link for the event very soon. For more information about our announcements and activities,
please visit the Alumni Office webpage , follow the official METU social media accounts, sign up for the mailing list in the contact or apply to become a member of the ODTÜM group on LinkedIn .

Wishing you good health,

METU Alumni Office

Undergrads learn about design thinking with METU Design Factory!

The METU Design Factory was established for students to learn to develop products, collaborate with business,industry or NGOs on interdisciplinary work and gain in-depth knowledge about design thinking. Founded with the support of the Ministry of Development, METU DF is ideal for students studying in the fields of design,engineering, informatics, education, social and administrative sciences.

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METU takes on Local Coordination of International Climate Change, Disaster, Cultural Heritage Project

METU is the local coordinator of a project called “CRAFT: Developing a Novel Climate Change Risk Assessment Framework for Cultural Heritage in Turkey”, funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

The project initiated in December 2020 to run for one year aims to evaluate the impact of landslides and flash floods on selected cultural heritage sites in Istanbul under future climate
scenarios by developing susceptibility/vulnerability maps via Geographic Information Systems.

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Three ATOM Video Games Top US Apple App Store Downloads

Games created by three video game development studios within METU TEKNOKENT’s Animation Technologies and Game Development Center (ATOM) were among the most downloaded games in the US in July. It was especially striking that the three games developed by ATOM-based studios ranked in the top three simultaneously in Apple’s App Store in the United States.

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METU Collects More Than 78 Tons of Waste in 6 Months

METU’s Zero Waste Unit has managed to collect 78,250 kilograms of waste within the first six months of 2021. A Zero Waste Management System was established at METU in July 2020
with waste collection boxes placed throughout the campus in addition to the recycling booths. From July 2020 until the end of the year, a total of 77,870 kilograms of waste was collected.
Adding to this the waste collected in the first six months of 2021, the total has now reached 158,960 kilograms.

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ODTÜDEN Ships Abroad

METU Logo products and course books are now shipped to 178 countries! As of 15 March 2021, purchases made on odtuden.com.tr are delivered around the world.
For detailed information, visit: ODTÜDEN.

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Newsletter | Issue -29

ISSUE 29 | October 2021

2021 METU Online Alumni Event

Dear Alumni,

On Saturday, Sept. 25, 2021, we held our special “ODTÜLÜ’ler Her Yerde,
Hep Birlikte!” live online alumni event presented by the renowned METU
alumni writer and actor Mehmet Auf on our METU YouTube channel. The nearly
two-hour show featured dance and music recitals by our student clubs, a
concert by the President’s Office Choir, an interactive trivia contest
with the theme “How well do you know METU?”, an interview with our 60th
anniversary alumni, the esteemed Professor Tanvir Wasti and video clips
shared by our alumni from around the world.

The event, which can be viewed on the official METU YouTube Chanel also included a presentation about METU’s first-ever Alumni Card. This card,
which will replace the current “Mini Diploma”, will be used to enter
campus using the electronic card readers at the gates, to receive alumni
e-mail accounts (@alumni.metu.edu.tr), and to use special discounts from
several retailers and companies.

Another new development is the “Let this meal be on you, Hocam!” meal
fundraise project we initiated to support students eating at the school
cafeteria in cooperation with AdımODTÜ on the occasion of the introduction
of the card. Students have already begun having meals free of charge at
the cafeteria using the application thanks to your support for this

Once again, we extend our deepest gratitude to all friends and alumni of
METU for their support in the organization of the event.

“ODTÜLÜ’ler Her Yerde, Hep Birlikte!”

METU Alumni Office

METU Alumni Card

The Alumni Office and METU Computer Center have collaborated to create an
electronic “METU Alumni Card” and renew our “Alumni Information System.”
Using the METU Alumni Card replacing the currently used “Mini Diploma”,
alumni will be able to enter campus using the electronic card readers at
the gates to receive alumni e-mail accounts(@alumni.metu.edu.tr) and to
use special discounts from several retailers and companies.

For detailed information and to apply for one, click on the link below:

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New AdımODTÜ fundraising project: “Let this meal be on you, Hocam!”

METU students are back on campus on October 18, 2021, after a long break
due to the pandemic lockdown. On the occasion of their return to campus,
the AdımODTÜ team has launched a new fundraising project called “Let this
meal be on you, Hocam!”

The project involves offering students free meals at the METU Cafeteria.
By supporting the project, you can buy lunch and/or dinner for METU
students at the METU Cafeteria. Thanks to the smart card application used
in the Cafeteria, your support will be transferred to our students’ smart
ID card accounts for them to have a free lunch or dinner there.

A donation of 10 TL covers a meal for 3 students, and a 100 TL donation
covers a meal for 33 students at our Cafeteria. You can also send a
message and relay your good wishes to our students for the new academic
year. The AdımODTÜ team will deliver your messages to our students during
the first week of classes.

For more information on the project and to offer your support, click on the link below:

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Students Back on Campus!

Many of our students, who had been away from METU for a long time due to
the COVID-19 Pandemic that affected the entire world, returned to our
campus as of October 18. For our students to adapt to the life on campus
quickly during the current pandemic period, a website titled “Back to
Campus” has been prepared where our students can find the necessary
information regarding the use of HES Codes and details of on-campus
transportation in addition to the new rules and regulations at the
Registrar’s Office, Medical and Counseling Center, Library, Cafeterias,
Dormitories, and Sports Facilities.

You can visit the website here:

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The ME Class of 1991 Renewed a Classroom at Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is continuing to renew its
classrooms with the support of its alumni. The Class of 2007 and the Class
of 1986 have been followed by the Mechanical Engineering Class of 1991 in
renewing a class. The opening ceremony postponed by the pandemic was held
on Saturday, October 9, 2021. Our alumni installed the plaque denoting
their support and reunited with their former professors.

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Advantages of METU Alumni Card

Tepe Home, one of the companies we cooperate with for the advantages of METU Alumni Card, has launched a 50% discount campaign that will continue until the end of October, exclusively for our alumni who are able to benefit from special offers and discounts in many places with their Alumni Card. We would like to sincerely thank Tepe Home for this discount campaign and their cooperation.

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The Bilgeİş Platform

The Bilgeİş Platform, founded and developed to share our university’s educational opportunities with the general public and offer certification programs to all who wish to learn, has reached 350 thousand members.

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Our university took part in Teknofest 2021 in various competition
categories with 54 teams and 145 students on 21-26 September at the
İstanbul Atatürk Airport.

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2021 Webometrics

METU ranked first among Turkish universities and 497th among world
universities in the 2021 Webometrics Ranking of World Universities,
announced in July. METU has become the only university from Turkey to be
listed in the top 500 in the world ranking that consists of approximately
12000 universities, while ranking 207th in the ranking of European

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Newsletter | Issue -30

ISSUE 30 | November 2021

METU Alumni Card

Dear Alumni,

It is our great pleasure and pride to inform you that your METU Alumni
Cards are on their way. The new Alumni Card introduced during the “METU
Alumni Far and Near, Always Together” event has reached its first owners.
We would like to thank you all once again for your interest, and support.
It was certainly, one of the most exciting and essential projects
initiated at the METU Alumni Office.

If you, as a member of the METU family, would like to have a METU Alumni Card and have not applied for one yet, you can do so by logging into the Alumni Information System on our website. This card will replace the
current “Mini Diploma” and can be used to access the campus area using the
electronic card readers at the gates, to receive “metu” domain
(@alumni.metu.edu.tr) email account, and also enjoy exclusive discounts
offered by many retailers and companies. If you want to learn more about these exclusive deals, you can visit the “Special Offers for METU Alumni Card Owners” page by clicking the link:

Once again, we extend our deepest gratitude to all friends and alumni of METU for their support in the organization of the event “METU Alumni Far and Near, Always Together,” which can be viewed on the official METU YouTube channel.

METU Alumni Office

Atatürk Remembrance Day

Our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was commemorated with a ceremony
held in front of the Atatürk Monument on November 10, 2021, the 83rd
anniversary of his passing. The ceremony was attended by METU faculty
members, staff, and students and featured a moment of silence in front of
the Atatürk Monument at 09.05, followed by a commemorative event at Kemal
Kurdaş Hall at the Culture and Convention Center.

32 METU Scientists Named among 300,000 Most Influential Researchers in the World by Stanford

The 2021 issue of Stanford University’s “ranking of researchers with the
greatest scientific impact in the world” has been published by Elsevier
B.V. The World’s Most Influential Scientists list features two categories:
career-long and single-year impact (based on studies conducted in 2020).
Scientists in the top 2% in 22 different scientific fields and 176
sub-fields are included in the list.

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Two Winners from METU in the 2021 “For Women in Science” Program

L’Oréal Türkiye, in an effort to support the contributions of women to
science and to highlight gender equality in science, has collaborated with
the UNESCO Turkey National Commission on the “For Women in Science”
project. The 2021 winners also include our professors; Dr. Eda Aydoğan
Güngör from the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering and Dr.
Öğretim Üyesi Nihal Terzi Çizmecioğlu from the Department of Biological

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METU Graduate School of Informatics celebrates its 25th Anniversary

The Graduate School of Informatics celebrated its 25th Anniversary with an
online event broadcast live on YouTube on October 22, 2021.

During the opening remarks, Institute Director Prof. Deniz Zeyrek-Bozşahin
stated that the Graduate School of Informatics, established in 1996, is a
thematic institute that promotes innovative and interdisciplinary academic
research. This special event continued with the talks by experts from the
world’s leading universities such as MIT and Stanford.

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METU Career Fair

The traditional METU Career Fair organized by the Career Planning Application and Research Center (KPM) was held both online and face-to-face this year.

The Career Fair, which set off online sessions on November 10-11-12, continued face-to-face at the METU Culture and Convention Center on November 18-19. During the face-to-face days of the fair, live broadcasts were held with representatives from the participating companies via the METU KPM Instagram account.

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Republic Marathon Held

The Republic Marathon, a METU tradition, took place with thousands of people taking part.

This year, as part of the COVID-19 measures, online registration was
required to participate in the event. The registered participants were
allowed to access the event area after their HES Codes were scanned. The
Republic Run started on October 29, at 11.00, and was ultimately a
cheerful and energetic celebration of Republic Day for everyone that


Newsletter | Issue -31

ISSUE 31 | December 2021

Happy New Year!

Dear Alumni,

We hope that this message finds each of you safe and healthy.

It is hard to believe that yet another year has gone by overshadowed by the pandemic. 2021 was also full of challenges and uncertainties for us all as we tried to adapt to the new circumstances.

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted every facet of our lives, and we did our best to support you, our esteemed alumni and to work for you. The “Speed Networking” events and the “ODTÜ’lüler Her Yerde, Hep Birlikte!” alumni meet-up were both part of our efforts to stay in touch with our alumni, even if we could only do so online.

We also tried to keep you updated and feeling closer to campus with our monthly “METU Alumni Newsletter”, no matter how far our alumni are, by way of the current news pieces we collated.

Last but not least, we had the great pleasure of keeping in close contact with you through our final project of 2021, our METU Alumni Card, which offers you new privileges.

We hope to get together in 2022 with you, dear alumni, as soon as conditions allow.

Wishing you a year filled with happiness, success, love, friendship, prosperity and excitement.
Happy New Year!

METU Alumni Office

In this issue:

With Love from our Campus

Red, orange and yellow leaves fall, a cool breeze, Vivaldi and fall in METU. We continue with the second installment of our Four Seasons at METU – Vivaldi series, as we bring the Fall season to a close, and extend our heartfelt thanks to our talented artists for joining us on campus.

Click below to view the video clip created to accompany Vivaldi’s Four Seasons –Fall sonnet. Enjoy!

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METU Mugs Reach their Owners

The Career Fair, which took off with online sessions on November 10-11-12, continued in person at the METU Culture and Convention Center on November 18-19. During the face-to-face days of the fair, we were able to deliver the METU mugs that our alumni won on behalf of our students to their owners. We thank you on behalf of our students.

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Prof. Elif Uysal Promoted to IEEE Fellow

Our distinguished faculty member at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Prof. Elif Uysal, has been promoted to IEEE Fellow by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Board of Directors for her “pioneering contributions to energy-efficient and low-latency communications”. The rank of Fellow is a recognition of Dr. Uysal’s hard work as a prominent researcher who has advanced the field of communications and made a lasting impact.

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Dr. Ahmet Acar from the Department of Biological Sciences Receives TÜSEB Aziz Sancar Incentive Award

Asst. Prof. Ahmet Acar from the Department of Biological Sciences at METU has received the Incentive Award in 2021 Aziz Sancar Science, Service and Incentive Awards, organized by the Health Institutes of Turkey (TÜSEB).

The TÜSEB Incentive Award is given to scientists under the age of 40 who have demonstrated that they have the qualifications to make significant contributions to health science and technologies at an international level in the future.

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METU Team Wins 1st Prize in International Space Mission Idea Contest

The METU team’s asteroid exploration mission idea “PARS: Precursor Asteroid Remote Survey” won first prize in the International Mission Idea Contest (MIC 7), where contestants proposed a mission idea utilizing a micro-satellite under 100 kg for deep space science and exploration.

The final for the 7th Mission Idea Contest co-organized by UNISEC Global, the University of Tokyo – Institute of Open Innovation and Collaborative Research Organization for Space Science and Technology (CROiSSant), in collaboration with the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), was held in Tokyo, Japan on 13th November 2021 in hybrid format.

Details of the Mission Idea Contest can be found at: http://www.spacemic.net/

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EU Green Deal Project ARSINOE Started in Partnership with METU Institute of Marine Sciences

A new Horizon 2020 project entitled “Climate-Resilient Regions Through Systemic Solutions and Innovations – ARSINOE,” which will include the METU Institute of Marine Sciences and last four years, commenced in October. The project, in which Prof. Barış Salihoğlu and Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Yücel are the leading researchers, brings together 41 partners from 15 different countries across Europe under the coordination of the University of Thessaly. Financed by the European Commission with a total budget of 15 million Euros, the project aims to take innovative steps for adaptation to climate change by delivering regional innovation packages to build an ecosystem and develop new approaches to solving problems.

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New Issue of ODTÜLÜ Published

The 69th issue of the ODTÜLÜ Magazine has been published. The issue features diverse scientific perspectives on the concept of “Migration” and recent news from METU.
Click here to view the issue.

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OCAK - 2020

Newsletter | Issue -10

ISSUE 10 | January 2020

2020 METU Alumni Day

The traditional METU Alumni Day has been celebrated annually with the participation of METU alumni, faculty members, students, members, and their families since 1991.

In the morning of this special day, the alumni get together at METU Culture and Convention Center (METU CCC), and in the afternoon, they meet up again at their departments for various activities.

In the traditional medal ceremonies, the alumni, who celebrate their 10th, 20th , 30th, 40th, 45th, 50th and 55th graduation anniversary, are presented their medals.

In this regard, the alumni of the 10th, 20th, 30th, and 40th years are kindly asked to submit a Medal Application Form, which is usually announced in late January so that their names can be engraved on the medals.

We believe that our alumni are the best ambassador of METU to the outside world. The success and achievements of our alumni encourage our students. In that sense, we are always proud to see our alumni interacting with our current students and faculty.

The alumni who come together once a year on the Alumni Day stay together with our recent alumni network, “ODTÜM”, at anytime and anywhere!For further details please visit our web page.

We are looking forward to seeing you for the upcoming METU Alumni Day on June 27, 2020, Saturday.

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Next Generation Wing Design

Professor Yavuz Yaman and his team from METU Aerospace Engineering Department has developed Turkey’s first task compatible aircraft wings that can change their shapes. The airplane using a deformable wing system was successfully flown within the frame work of a TUBITAK project in partnership with the Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI). The new wing design will result in fuel efficiency, environmental friendless and economical flights.

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Professor Gökalp at METU

Professor İskender Gökalp, who is between the researchers returned to Turkey by TÜBİTAK 2232 Scholarship Program to Leader Researchers, continues his research at METU.

Professor Gökalp has been performed his studies in France after graduating from ITU Aeronautical Engineering Department. Professor Gökalp and his team continue to support Turkey’s efforts to manufacture domestic engine at METU.

The Third METU Speed Networking Meeting Held

The third “METU Speed Networking” meeting was held in cooperation with the Department of Statistics, METU Career Planning Center and METU Alumni Office on Saturday, December 07, 2019, at Yüksel Proje Building. More than 150 alumni, faculty members, junior, and senior students attended to this special event.

We would like to thank the Statistics Department instructors and the students of the Statistics Club for their contribution.

We will continue to perform speed networking activities with the participation of our respected alumni and students.

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Burhan Alkar Exhibition

The exhibition of Burhan Alkar, who is the sculptor of “Space and Youth Monument”, has been opened on December 20, 2019. The monument which became one of the most important icon of our campus is also known as “C Aldım” sculpture. You can visit the exhibition to see the valuable works of Burhan Alkar in the METU CCC Exhibition Hall until January 15, 2020.

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AdımODTÜ Free Dinner for Students at Cafeteria!

AdımODTÜ has offered a surprise “New Year’s Dinner” to all METU students in the Cafeteria on December 27, 2019. METU faculty members and staff joined to this special event and had their dinner together with our students. 6000 students have been attended to AdımODTÜ dinner.We would like to thank our donors for making this special event possible.

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Recycling is fun with New Recycling Machines!

Recycle machines were installed on our campus within the framework of a joint project of AdımODTÜ and ODTÜDEN. Students can contribute the recycling by disposing of plastic, metal, and glass wastes in the campus. In return, they can collect points and get various gift from ODTÜDEN.

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METU Open Science Platform, OpenMETU, was built in order to compile the scientific and intellectual outputs produced at our university and to create an open-access to institutional academic archives in accordance with the international standards in order to ensure long-term preservation and continuity of access. In this context, METU Open Science Conference and the opening of OpenMETU (https://open.metu.edu.tr/) was held on December 20, 2019 at METU CCC Hall.

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ŞUBAT - 2020

ISSUE 11 | February 2020

METU Science and Technology Collection Exhibition Area Renovated

METU Science and Technology Collection Exhibition Area has been recently renovated and the website of the center has been renewed.

The Exhibition Area opens its doors again on February 19, 2020.

The following workshops have been recently added in the Exhibition Area.

(i) LEGO Makerspace (within the science center thanks to donations from LEGO Education),

(ii) Coding and 3D printer workshops (within the Science Workshops building),

(iii) Audio Guide for Classic Car Exhibition [through Audio-Visual Systems Research and Production Center (GİSAM) support],

You can listen to a sample at the following link: http://bit.ly/2NOIu1s

(iv) Göbekli Tepe workshop (within the Science and Technology History Exhibition building),

(v) Recycling workshop within the scope of environmental activities.

The highly motivated and experienced academic staff at the Science and Society Center serve an annual average of 28,000 K-12 students free of charge.

Registrations for the workshops that will be held throughout the spring semester will start on February 10, 2020.

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METU’s Recycling Application Makes Recycling Fun

The new recycling program on campus makes recycling at Middle East Technical University both attractive and fun. With the goal of recycling plastic, metal, and glass waste, the program aims to increase the number of recycling booths, the first of which have been placed in front of the Department of Basic English, the ODTÜDEN Store, and the dormitory area.

For more information please visit the website.

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TÜBA-GEBİP Award to Asst. Prof. Batur Ercan

Assistant Professor Batur Ercan from the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering has been selected as one of 28 people to receive the award, which was is within the framework of the Turkish Academy of Sciences Outstanding Young Scientists Award Program.

Asst. Prof. Batur Ercan received the TÜBA-GEBİP Award for his research on biomaterials and tissue engineering. His research aims to control cellular functions by changing the surface properties of implants, i.e., surface chemistry, morphology, roughness, etc., placed into the body to interact with tissues. For further information you can visit our website.

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Bio-mechanical Research Team Applies for Patent

Assoc. Prof. Ulaş Yaman and his team, who developed solutions to eliminate the need to use special support structures used in the production of complex parts of 3D printers, has applied for a patent.

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“Science is Life” on TRT Radio 1

METU Science Communication Team prepared a science program in cooperation with Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) to be broadcasted on Radio 1. The program, airing with the name “Science is Life”, was created by METU faculty and students using the GİSAM studio. The radio program aims to present the joyful and playful nature of science to impact the multitude of parts of society by providing examples from daily life. You can listen to the program every Monday on TRT Radio 1 (93.3).

You can also listen to the podcast of the show using the following link:


Science at Home

The METU Science Communication Team (METU-SCT) and Pergamon Production have recently produced a science and technology television show with engaging content. The show was filmed on the METU campus and was hosted by Cengiz Eşiyok and METU students, who are the winners of the competition organized by METU-SCT. You can access all episodes of the first season from the following site:

https://www.trt.tv/belgesel/bilimin-ev-hali (in Turkish)

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ODTÜDEN for Kids

The ODTÜDEN store expanded its product range for newborns and children. There are many new pieces for little METU fans that you will love in the ODTÜDEN store. Please do not hesitate to visit their campus store or their website for online shopping.

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Today, games play an increasingly important role both in adult education and child development. But what role will it have with humanity at the point where it has come today, as we move on to the next step of civilization?

In this 67th issue, ODTÜLÜ focuses on such humans and brings together articles that will support our understanding of the game concept and our changing, transforming world.

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MART - 2020

ISSUE 12 | March 2020

2020 Memorial Medal Request Applications Started

METU Alumni Day will be celebrated on Saturday, June 27, 2020 from 10.00 am to 5.30 pm with various activities in METU.

The 2020 Memorial Medal Application Form is now available on our website mezun.metu.edu.tr .

Alumni celebrating their 10th, 20th, 30th, and 40th graduation anniversaries are invited to fill out the form to apply for Memorial Medals.

The medals for those alumni celebrating their 45th, 50th, 55th, and 60th graduation anniversaries will be automatically prepared without their request. However, we recommend that all alumni confirm that their names are on the list of Memorial Medal Application Form and, in case of any problem, please contact us via mezun@metu.edu.tr .

The program details of the Day and Memorial Medal Ceremony will be announced on our website soon.

We will be pleased to welcome you at METU on Alumni Day.

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Project Grant of 13 Million Euros for METU

The Ministry of Industry and Technology’s Competitive Sectors Program, now in its second phase, has funded two projects at METU. This funding is within the scope of the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA), which is co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey.

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Magnificent Cold: Antarctic and Arctic Expeditions

Assist.Prof. Korhan Özkan was the guest of the Science Café interviews on 19 February 2020. Korhan Özkan participated in three expeditions to the North Pole and two to Antarctica, both for the purpose of conducting ecological research. In Turkey, he continues these studies in high altitude lake ecosystems that have features similar to polar ecosystems.

You can get more detailed information on the link below to watch his talk about “Magnificent Cold: Antarctica and North Pole Expeditions.”

> watch

Horizon 2020 eNOTICE Project “Serious Game” from METU Team

The METU Team of Horizon 2020 eNOTICE Project has designed a “serious game” for places such as hospitals and disaster areas, aiming to educate both officials and the wider public in cases of any biological weapons use, epidemics or disasters.

> watch

Laser Assisted Small Pyramid Production

The “Laser Assisted Surface Texturing for Silicon-Based Solar Cells” method, developed by Assist. Prof. Selçuk Yerci and his team, decreases the cost – while increasing the efficiency – of silicon solar cells.

The new method allows for damages during the wire cutting process to be eliminated without the need for chemical etching. In order to eliminate the cutting damage area, laser beam scanning is performed on the washers instead of a standard abrasion. Vertical pyramids of controlled dimensions are produced with the surface etching process following the same laser scanning process.

> watch

METU Alumni Europe Gathering

“METU Alumni Europe Gathering” will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on May 1st and 2nd 2020!

The program will kick off with a historic city walking tour on Friday May 1st afternoon, and will continue on Saturday May 2nd with a boat tour through the Amsterdam canals, followed by dinner.

If you’re interested, please check out below link and register before 31st March 2020!

> more

Alumni Discount at METU Cyprus

To produce METU graduates who are equipped to help the world, METU Northern Cyprus Campus offers a 20% discount on tuition fees for children of METU alumni.

> more

METU Career Fair

METU Career Fair was held at the METU Culture and Congress Center (CCC) on February 27-28, 2020 with 70 important participants from the private sector, public and foundations. The AR-GE, BEST, GGT, IEEE and VT communities also contributed to the fair organized by the METU Career Planning Application and Research Center (CPARC).

Nearly 3000 students and alumni had the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings, learn about job and internship positions and share their resumes through stand visits.

Private interview rooms designed and developed by the METU CPARC at the fair were used by our students for the first time in the “Career Booth” CCC exhibition hall. These Career Booths enabled participating companies to carry out more productive interviews with our students.

> more

Science and Technology Week

METU Science and Technology Collection Exhibition Area awaits its visitors with its renewed face. Various events were organized within the scope of the Science and Technology Week. For detailed information, please visit their webpage .

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AdımODTÜ Free Movie Screening Night

AdımODTÜ held the eighth free movie screening event on the evening of February 18, 2020 in the U3 Lecture Hall in the Physics Department. Nearly 400 METU students attended the free movie event where the Joker movie was shown.

> watch

AdımODTÜ Undergraduate Research Projects

AdımODTÜ created a fund to support the research efforts of undergraduate students through donations. This year, nearly 100 applications were made to our project proposal call and 57 undergraduate research projects were found worthy of support by the jury. The undergraduate research projects to be supported by AdımODTÜ this year can be accessed at https://adimodtu.org.tr/pdf/SupportedProjects-2020.pdf.

To support the undergraduate research projects, you can visit the link below.

> more

NİSAN - 2020

ISSUE 13 | April 2020

Online Distance Education at METU

The precautionary measures regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) implemented at our university have been taken and are being updated in accordance with the recommendations and guidance provided by the Council of Higher Education and the Ministry of Health, and through constant interaction with these institutions.

Initially, the online distance education process began with various projects and programs conducted without compromising the quality of education, especially during this crucial early period.

This distance education process, which started on March 23, 2020 in the Spring Semester of Pre-School, Associate, Undergraduate and Graduate courses in the 2019-2020 Academic Year, continues via both asynchronous and synchronous instruction.

In the asynchronous course option, lecture notes, PPT presentations, reading files, assignments and other resources are presented weekly through the ODTÜClass system, and asynchronous interactive discussions can be held with students through the ODTÜClass forum service. In the synchronous course option; the Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom and BigBlueButton applications are supported, which can log up to 100 people at the same time.

Academic staff members and students will be able to get assistance about online education at the following website https://its.metu.edu.tr/uzaktanegitim/en/. On this website, there are tools for faculty members to render their courses appropriate for online education, resources and answers to frequently-asked questions.

> watch

AdımODTÜ Internet Scholarship

METU switched to online distance education during coronavirus closure.Connected to this, we would like to provide an internet scholarship, for 3 months at 75 TL per month, to 1,200 METU students who are in need of support and who will continue their spring term via online education. Support will primarily be provided to students who receive a meal and a dormitory scholarship. If donations increase, our other students will also be supported.

You can support the project via https://adimodtu.org.tr/proje/odtu-internet- and send your messages to our students if you wish.

> watch

Precautions Taken at METU

The precautionary measures regarding the Coronavirus have been, and are continuing to be implemented very carefully at our University since the very beginning of the pandemic.

All the regulations at our University regarding the Coronovirus are being renewed according to the unfolding circumstances here, with the specific purpose of minimizing physical interaction among individuals. Every regulation that related to the activities of our shared areas of use in this particular situation is made by taking into consideration the number of staff who are still working at this period.

In this context, primarily the Dormitories, Triple Amphitheater, Yüksel Project Amphitheater, Culture and Convention Center, Cafeteria, Social Building, Garages, Main Cafeteria, Library, Sports Halls, Society and Science Center Buildings, and all Buses have been disinfected.In addition, sanitizer devices are being installed in all buildings within the campus, and information regarding the necessity of cleaning the common areas and classes is already being regularly sent to all our units.

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Informational Note about COVID-19

METU Science Communication Team has posted a youtube video with Assist. Prof. Müslüm İlgü, from the Department of Biological Sciences of METU,about the Coronavirus.

Dr. İlgü briefly gives the answers of the main questions such as: where are the viruses found, how do they spread into our bodies, what distinguishes Coronavirus from the others, and who are most affected by the Coronavirus,among others.

> watch

“Donut Language”

You can start talking English any time with “Donut Language”, developed by instructor Jason Steinberg, METU Department of Modern Languages, and Orçun Çevrim,
a student in the METU Computer Engineering Department. The founders of the software say that “Donut is a native speaking teacher in your pocket.” All you have to do is download
the application from the GooglePlay Store
or visit the webpage.

> watch

METU Press on “Teacher Library”

Children’s books published by METU Press (Publishing) can be accessed from the “Teacher Library”, in cooperation with METU and Ministry of National Education. All teachers can immediately download the application from their Android or iOS phones and start reading.

> more

METU Design Factory against COVID19

METU Design Factory, like all the constituents of our university, is rapidly working towards solutions that could help the global community, especially healthcare professionals, in their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Towards this purpose, the METU Design Factory Team has developed solutions that can be easily manufactured and customized if necessary. Our current plan is to deliver this protective equipment to healthcare personnel as fast as possible. All designs and manufacturing details for these solutions are accessible at the link below. Rapid prototyping or simple hand tools can be used to manufacture these models.

You are more than welcome to contact us if you need more information or to offer help.

> more

MAYIS - 2020

ISSUE 14 | May 2020

Dear Members, Alumni and Friends,

I deeply hope that you, your families and your loved ones are safe and well.

METU faces serious challenges from the global pandemic. All precautionary measures regarding the Coronavirus implemented at our university are being taken and updated in accordance with the recommendations and guidance provided by the Council of Higher Education and the Ministry of Health, and through constant interaction with these institutions.

In line with the Council of Higher Education’s guidance about Coronavirus and in common with other Turkish universities, METU has suspended all face to face teaching. Instruction in the Basic English Department and all associate degree, undergraduate and graduate courses has been carried out via distance education since 23 March 2020.

METU is undertaking a collective effort to respond to COVID-19 in many different ways. We have combined all of our science, technology, and research capabilities and experiences to address the direct and indirect aspects of Coronavirus. You can follow our scientific efforts against the pandemic
through the “News from METU” website.

As the president of METU, please allow me to thank our faculty members and staff doing their best to encourage our students to continue learning and moving forward. And finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our alumni for keeping the METU spirit alive and maintaining our solidarity in these difficult times.

Dear METU Family,

Please stay safe and healthy. We look forward to the day when we all return to our beautiful campus.

Hope to see you soon at METU.

Best Regards,

Prof. Mustafa Verşan Kök


METU Ranked in Top 10 in THE Impact Rankings

According to the Impact Rankings 2020 results announced by the world universities ranking institution Times Higher Education (THE), METU has become the university with the best results among the Turkish universities, taking place in the top 10 in the title of “clean water and sanitation”.

> more

Prof. Haluk Külah and his Team Awarded “ERC-2020-PoC”Grant

The project called “New Generation Hearing Implants”, directed by Prof. Haluk Külah from the METU Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and his team, was awarded as the only grant from Turkey within the scope of the “ERC-2020-PoC” call.

The aim of the Project is to eliminate the downsides to creating the first fully implantable, low-power, energy-harvesting next generation cochlear implant that mimics the natural hearing mechanism of the ear.

> more

Chloroquine against Covid-19

METU scientists synthesized chloroquine, previously used for the malaria
cure. Assoc. Prof. Akın Akdağ from the Department of Chemistry said, “We
started preparations for publishing our work in international journals. We
are very happy to have achieved success in working with our students. ”

METU scientists also announced that they would be able to produce larger
quantities if they can find support for their project.

> watch

Vaccination Studies against Covid-19

You can reach the information given by Prof. Mayda Gürsel from the
Department of Biological Sciences about the vaccine intended to be
developed against the new coronavirus through the below link.

> watch

METU GÜNAM Granted for “Turkish Photovoltaic Technologies Platform” Project

The “Turkish Photovoltaic Technologies Platform” Project submitted by METU GÜNAM (Center for Solar Energy Research and Applications), together with 8 other national partners to the “Call for High Technology Platforms,” opened within the scope of the TÜBİTAK Center of Excellence Support Program (1004 Program), has been accepted and passed to the next stage.

> more

2020 METU Alumni Day Postponed

METU Alumni Day, which we announced to be held on June 27, 2020, has been postponed to a later date by our University within the “Measures Taken with the New Coronavirus (COVID-19)”. In line with the unfolding developments over the coming months, the new date to be determined for 2020 METU Alumni Day will be shared with you on our website, social media accounts and mail list.

Thank you once again for your understanding and support for the measures taken during the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

We hope to meet face to face with all our graduates on Alumni Day.

> more

Online Live University Promotion for High School Students

Middle East Technical University started delivering live online
presentations for high school students and their families – the first
university in Turkey to do so. High school students preparing for the
university entrance exam can follow METU’s social media accounts and
website for further information about online live presentations.

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METU Zero Waste Unit Placed 2013 Waste Collection Boxes

Zero Waste Unit, established in 2019 within the METU Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs, has started to work on the establishment of the Zero Waste Management System and placed waste collection bins at various points throughout the campus.

The aim of the initiative is to reach the highest level of benefits at the lowest cost in the various processes of waste reduction, separation at the source, temporary storage, collection, transportation and processing by using the Zero Waste Management System. METU aims to obtain the Basic Zero Waste Certificate by completing the installation of the Zero Waste Management System by 31 December 2020.

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AdımODTÜ Internet Scholarship Project

Within the scope of “AdımODTÜ Internet Scholarship Project”, we have started providing scholarships to our students who need internet. We would like to express our gratitude to all METU graduates and friends who have supported the initiative.

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HAZİRAN - 2020

ISSUE 15 | June 2020

Happy METU Day!

This year we are celebrating the 64th anniversary of the establishment of METU.

Middle East Technical University was founded under the name “Orta Doğu Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü” (Middle East High Technology Institute) on November 15th, 1956 to contribute to the development of Turkey and Middle Eastern countries, with the specific goal of training people so as to create a skilled workforce in the fields of natural and social sciences. “Arrangements and Procedures as for the Foundation of METU, Law No 6887” was enacted on January 29th, 1957. Finally, the “Foundation Act No 7307”, which sets forth the particular standing of METU and describes the conditions rendering METU as a juridical entity, was enacted on May 27th, 1959.

Therefore, we celebrate the 27th of May as METU Day and hold a special ceremony in its honor. In the first section of our METU Day celebrations, we present METU Outstanding Service and Appreciation Awards in the KKM Kemal Kurdaş Hall. In the second part of the ceremony, Turan Baskan Service and Incentive Awards are given to the administrative staff of our university. The Service Plaques are presented to our retired academic and administrative staff who have given service to our university for 20 years, and Service Documents are given to our members who have completed 45, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20 service years at METU.

2020 METU Day celebrations are planned to be held on the Opening Day of the 2020-2021 Academic Year because of the continuing COVID-19 precautions.

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AdımODTÜ Internet Scholarship

We initiated the “AdımODTÜ Internet Scholarship Project” to provide scholarships to METU students experiencing internet access problems.Thanks to the donations of METU graduates and friends, we have supported more than 650 students so far. We wish all our students good luck in the finals!

> more

Undergraduate Program Webcasts

We continue to promote our undergraduate programs online through our official Youtube account (Youtube.com/middleastechuniv) as part of the distance learning process we began on March 23, 2020, undertaken with valuable support from our departments.

You can find the presentations made so far below. We kindly ask for your valuable support in delivering this information to students preparing for the university entrance exam and to their families around you.

> watch

METU Science Communication Team

A webinar on “Designing Games that Resonate with Learners and Learning” was held on Tuesday, May 26, 2020, at 9.30 pm (US time at 2.30 pm), with the organization of METU GİSAM President Prof. Dr. Kürşat Çağıltay and Researcher Dr. Çiğdem Uz Bilgin from MIT Eğitim Arcade/Yıldız Technical University, in cooperation with METU Science Communication Group. Prof. Eric Kopfler, Head of Comparative Media Studies and Writing, and Director of Scheller Teacher Education Program and The Education Arcade of MIT, attended the webinar as the speaker.

The webinar was broadcasted in English and in Turkish.

> watch

METU at First Glance

How many students are studying at METU? What is the capacity of our dormitories? How many laboratories, lecture halls, and classrooms are there? You can discover METU at first glance prepared by the METU Institutional Development and Planning Office, (IDPO) to find answers to all such questions you may have. Please click the link below for more information.

> more

Three Awards to the METU Team from the 23rd IBECC

The student team of Prof. Semra Aşcıgil, the faculty member of the Department of Business Administration at METU, won first and first runner up prizes in the prize category “graduate division” of the 23rd International Business Ethics Case Competition (IBECC), which was initially planned to be held in Boston between April 22-24, 2020 but was untimately held as a virtual competition due to the epidemic.

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My METU Short Film/Video Competition

The deadline for applications to the My METU Short Film/Video Competition 2020 has been extended until 1 September 2020. A new theme, We Missed METU, has also been added to our competition to account for the COVID-19 epidemic. From the eyes of alumni, employees, and students of METU, we want to leave films as an inheritance to the future in such categories as comedy, thriller, memory, documentary, and promotion, etc. reflecting the METU culture/spirit.

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ODTÜDEN web site is now ready for shopping online with its renewed interface. You can find brand new and restocked products and make donations for scholarships via AdımODTÜ & ODTÜDEN’s collaboration.

For further information please visit ODTÜDEN.

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TEMMUZ - 2020

Newsletter | Issue -16

ISSUE 16 | July 2020

Online Promotion from TanıtımODTÜ

TanıtımODTÜ (Promotion Office) is busy promoting METU to prospective students online due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We began in May by explaining the variety of opportunities that our university offers via live broadcasts from our METU YouTube account. Then, we brought together academicians, graduates, and even students from several departments with prospective METU students for virtual get togethers. These live broadcasts are ongoing and you can access new as well as past promotions from the METU YouTube account.

TanıtımODTÜ will hold its first Virtual Fair on 27-28-29 July 2020. The fair includes participation from all departments, with whom our prospective students will have a chance to participate in video meetings between 10:00 – 20:00. These students will also have an opportunity to participate in video interviews once a day with the departments. Additionally, the fair will showcase activities such as a campus tour with a drone and “Ask the Rector Advisor” sessions

From the 4th of August until the end of the Preference Period, our prospective students and their families will be able to reach TanıtımODTÜ and departments through the channels we will announce on the adayogrenci.metu.edu.tr webpage.

> more

Webinar by Prof. Jeppesen and Prof. Beklioğlu

METU Biological Sciences faculty member Prof. Meryem Beklioğlu and Prof. Erik Jeppesen organized an online seminar with the support of the METU Science Communication Team. The online seminar was webcasted live in both English and Turkish on July 8th. Dr. Jeppesen, who is a panel member of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner IPCC2007, is currently continuing his studies at our university within the scope of the TÜBİTAK 2322 International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers Program. Details regarding the content of the seminar are given below.

> more

KPM Online

Our postgraduate programs are promoted through the live webcasts put on by the METU Career Planning Application and Research Center (CPC), incorporating valuable contributions from the graduate school principals, alumni, and graduate students.

Our students can participate in the sessions live on “Zoom” by filling out the registration form on the CPC webpage or the one sent them by e-mail. The presentations are also webcasted on the CPC YouTube channel.

We kindly ask you to share the CPC presentations with the students who might be interested in it. You can find both coming and previous webcast programs below.

> more


The METU Science Communication Team prepared a fun science-themed program series to be broadcasted on the digital education platform EBA TV, with the support of our students, staff, and faculty members, and with cooperation from the Ministry of National Education and TRT. It will be streaming in the summer school program of primary and secondary school students in between courses.

> more

Root Cell Treatment with Ascidiacea

METU Institute of Marine Sciences is developing an anti-aging and treatment model using the ascidiacea within the scope of the ‘Marine Stem Cell Project”.

Assoc. Arzu Karahan from METU Institute of Marine Science told that “Ascidiace, commonly known as the ascidians or sea squirts, can totally repair themselves”.

> more

METU IVMER Joins CERN Openlab as a Research Member

Middle East Technical University Application and Research Center for Space and Accelerating Technologies (IVMER) has joined CERN openlab, a public-private partnership run by CERN (the European Laboratory for Particle Physics) that works to drive innovation in computing technologies. The agreement was signed on April 1, 2020.

METU IVMER will carry out joint operations with gluoNNet within this CERN openlab collaboration. Together, the project members will develop particle-tracking algorithms for quantum computers and will investigate the possibility of using these within industry, such as for data analysis related to aviation or logistics.

> more

Study in Turkey

Study in Turkey YÖK Virtual Fair 2020 is taking place on July 20-22, 2020. We will be welcoming our prospective students at our virtual booth. The prospective students can meet our university representatives and get valuable information about METU student’s life, scholarship opportunities, and accommodation facilities. You can visit the virtual fair using the link below.

> more

Alumni Discount at METU Cyprus

To produce METU graduates who are equipped to help the world, METU Northern Cyprus Campus offers a 20% discount on tuition fees for children of METU alumni.

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On ODTÜDEN’s newly updated website, you can find brand new and restocked products and make donations supporting the book and stationary needs of our students via AdımODTÜ & ODTÜDEN’s collaboration. We look forward to the valuable support of all METU friends.

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AĞUSTOS - 2020

Newsletter | Issue -17

ISSUE 17 | August 2020

Dear METU Alumni,

On August 14, 2020, I was reassigned as the President of METU, a position which I have held for four years with great honor and pride. During these four years, our university has gained many achievements in national and international areas.

We have been selected as “The Most Successful University” in the TÜBİTAK 2018 Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index. In 2018, we have also become “The Most Successful University” in education and training according to the results of YÖK Universities Annual Monitoring and Evaluation. We have been chosen as “The Most Successful Research University” according to the results of Research Universities Performance Evaluation in both 2017 and 2018. In the “Corporate Award” category of the YÖK Outstanding Achievement Awards, we received the “International Cooperation Award” in 2017 and the “University-Industry Cooperation Award” in 2019. METU received 23 European Union projects and 29 international projects. METU’s 2nd and 3rd ERC projects were awarded between January 2017 – December 2019, with a total budget of 4 million Euros. METU is the only Turkish state university to receive an ERC project. Our “Solar Energy Research and Application Center (GÜNAM)” has received the first-ever twinning project among Turkish universities. Our Teknokent revenues have exceeded 1.4 billion dollars.

In our first term, we opened our new Technopolis building, CoZone area, İvmer centers, KALTEV, and our new classroom building, and renovated our cafeteria. We organized science cafe events, environmental activities, speed networking events, and fundraising campaigns for our students. We initiated the METU Alumni Newsletter, reaching more than 60,000 alumni monthly, and implemented the ODTÜM Network Project.

In the footsteps of our Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, our university will continue to honor his principles and revolutions, secularism, gender equality, fundamental freedoms, the rule of law, and the truths of reason and science.

Prof. Mustafa Verşan Kök


Dilhan Eryurt Became a Doodle on Google!

On the 20th of July, Turkish astrophysicist Dr. Dilhan Eryurt, a star in the field of astronomy, became a doodle on Google. On this day in 1969, Dr. Eryurt was honored with NASA’s prestigious “Apollo Achievement Award” for her contribution to the moon landing that year.

In 1961, Dr. Eryurt began to work as the only woman at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in New York. She was the first Turkish woman to work as a scientist at NASA, and her research on the evolution of stars led to an unexpected discovery about the history of the solar system.

After Dr. Eryurt returned to the METU Physics Department as a staff member in 1973, she established the Astrophysics Department there. In 1988, she first served as the Head of the Department of Physics at METU’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and then retired in 1993 after serving as the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for five years. In addition, she was also honored with Turkey’s TÜBİTAK Science Award in 1977.

Lithium Attack in Electricity Storage Technology

METU Energy Materials and Storage Devices Research Center (ENDAM) President Professor Tayfur Öztürk emphasized the importance of battery technologies in the automotive and renewable energy sector and explained the importance of lithium in the storage of electricity.

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METU Memorial Frame

Our newest premium quality METU Memorial Frames are on sale at ODTÜDEN. You can purchase these special frames, which are carefully prepared to display your most precious memories in METU with pride.

You can also donate to our students’ book and stationery needs while shopping online at ODTÜDEN.

> more

Meet the METU Science and Communication Group

Science communication which aims to inform and raise awareness of
science-related topics in society has lately become an important topic all
around the world. In this respect, METU Science and Communication Group
perform several science-oriented activities to bridge the gap between
science and the public. You can click on the link below to access the
science communication activities they have performed so far as well as the
new ones.

> more

EBA TV on Broadcast

Our science program, which is prepared in partnership with the Ministry of
Education to contribute to popularize science and promote university life
among primary and secondary school students, is now being broadcast on EBA

We would like to express our gratitude to the METU Science Communication
Group, Society and Science Application and Research Center, and GİSAM,
which supported the preparation of the program. Furthermore, we would also
like to thank our students, staff, and faculty members.

You can get the information and watch the generics of the program from the
link below.

> watch


AdımODTÜ continues to support our students in many different projects with
your valuable contributions. You can continue to support their numerous
projects, which are oriented towards our student needs, scientific
researches, and social services. You can show your support by sharing
their announcements and also by voluntarily participating in AdımODTÜ
projects. Please check their website for further information.

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KASIM - 2020

Newsletter | Issue -18

ISSUE 18 | November 2020

Opening of the Academic Year 2020-2021

The opening of our University 2020-2021 Academic Year was held on October 12, 2020, with the University Administration’s visit to the Supreme Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Anıtkabir. The official ceremony in the Culture and Convention Center was not held due to the Pandemic. Our Rector, Prof. Mustafa Verşan Kök delivered a message for the Academic Year Opening. Referring to the establishment purpose and achievements of METU in his message, Prof. Kök made a statement regarding significant goals in the new period. Prof. Kök stated that “Since the day it was founded, METU has been an international university that symbolizes an understanding of education which cares about universal values and development, strives to develop an awareness of social responsibility, and fulfills a leading and pioneering role in the shaping of individuals who have the potential to create and sustain scientific, technological, cultural and environmental changes and follow the principle of lifelong learning.” Prof. Kök also welcomed the new METU students and stated that “I congratulate all of you for your determination and devoted work that brought you to METU as a result of long years of effort. METU is a university where only the best students meet with the most successful academics in their fields in Turkey and globally. This meeting is also supported by many science, culture, art, and sports activities that will accelerate your personal development. We expect you to participate in various social and intellectual activities such as seminars, concerts, theaters, movies, and talks held every day at many points of the campus after the pandemic period. We believe that you will continue your education life with this perspective of our university, where education and research activities are carried out in harmony and with the strong tradition of learning from each other at the forefront, and you will always keep these features alive inside and outside METU.”

You can reach the full message using the link below.

> more

METU Orientation 2020

The newest members of METU family were welcomed by ourtraditional “Orientation Event”on Friday, October 9, 2020. This program was performed live and online because of the Pandemic.

Within the orientation program’s scope, our new students got information about the academic and administrative units, cultural and sports activities, and distance education in METU. Our students had the chance to learn about METU with a fun contest presented by Mehmet Auf, the script consultant and actor of the TV series”Çocuklar Duymasın” and “En Son Babalar Duyar”.A live campus tour with drone footage, and departmental presentations were performed in the afternoon session.

> more

Asst. Prof. Dicle Dövencioğlu Awarded by The L’Oréal-UNESCO “For Women in Science”

Assistant Prof. Dicle Dövencioğlu, from the METU Psychology Department, was awarded within the scope of the “For Women in Science” program, in cooperation with
L’Oréal-UNESCO by her “Multidimensionality of softness perception in viscoelastic materials” project. This award is granted to support women’s contribution to science
and to contribute to setting role models by drawing attention to gender equality in science, to support female researchers in the field of science, to reward excellence,
and to ensure the recognition of young and talented scientists by L’Oréal Türkiye, which has been in cooperation with the UNESCO Turkey National Commission for 18 years.

> watch

Two Awards to METU in the 2ndNational Universities Patent Competition

METU received two awards, including first prize, in “Patenting Turkey – 2nd National Universities Patent Competition” organized by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TÜRKPATENT) at the ceremony on October 16, 2020. The competition was organized to increase university students’ awareness of patents as one of the most critical technological development tools and enable students to gain knowledge and experience in patent research and patent applications.

> more

“Best Scientists” special award in European Rover Challenge 2020 to METU Machinery and Innovation Society

The METU ROVER project was received the “Best Scientists” special award at the European Rover Challenge 2020, the most prestigious space and robotics competition in Europe, supported by the European Space Agency (ESA). METU ROVER took 4th place in the overall ranking in the competition held in Poland, where 33 international teams took part in the final. The METU ROVER project continues its activities within the METU Machinery and Innovation Society (METU MECH), involving 29 students from different departments.

> more

METU and TÜBİTAK host H2020 Black Sea CONNECT project, Black Sea Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda online workshop

The Black Sea Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) Stakeholder Consultation Workshop, coordinated by the METU Institute of Marine Sciences and organized within the scope of the EU H2020 Black Sea CONNECT Project, which is the first multi-partner Horizon2020 consortium coordinated by METU, was held on September 16, 2020. The workshop was held online with more than 150 representatives from universities, public institutions, the private sector, and civil society.

> more

3D Modeling Competition

The METU Society and Science Centre (TBM) is organizing an award-winning competition, “3D Model for Barrier-Free Life!”, to improve high school students’ three-dimensional modeling skills and increase their awareness of the 3D printing process. Participants will be requested to present a solution to the problem they have determined in the context of an event / a phenomenon / a subject from our daily life by designing a three-dimensional model that can help disabilities.

> more

Department of Economics alum honored to be the first Turkish student shortlisted as “Highly Commended Entrants”
in “The Global Undergraduate Awards”

Altuğ Aydemir, 2020Department of Economics graduate, was honored to be one of the 12 economists shortlisted as “Highly Commended Entrants” in “The Global Undergraduate Awards.” METU is a member of this prestigious international academic award program within the scope of the AdımODTÜ Undergraduate Research Project. Entrants with research papers ranked in the top 10% of submissions in their category are shortlisted as “Highly Commended Entrants”.

> more

ENERJİM SENSİN Acceleration Program

In cooperation with ODTÜ TEKNOKENT and ELDER, and under the coordination of EMRA, the “ENERJİM SENSİN Acceleration Program” will be organized to bring together in-house initiatives, and projects with a minimum TRL-4 level.

Companies that are accepted to participate in the program will be provided with access to the press and stakeholders, cooperation opportunities, and meeting opportunities with investors and potential customers. Also, a total of 300,000 TL will be awarded to the selected projects.

Applications will be accepted until Sunday, 20 December 2020.

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Show your METU Spirit

AdımODTÜ continues to support our students with your valuable contributions. You can continue to support their projects, which are oriented towards scientific research and social services. You can show yourMETU spirit and support our students, not only financially supporting their projects but also helping in the dissemination of the projects or even voluntarily participating in them.You can check their website for further information.

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ODTÜDEN Book Sales

2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Semester textbooks are on sale onwww.odtuden.com.tr with a 10% discount.

ODTÜDEN web site is now ready for shopping online with its renewed interface. You can find brand new and restocked products and make donations for scholarships to METU students.

For further information please visit ODTÜDEN.

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ARALIK - 2020

Newsletter | Issue -19

ISSUE 19 | December 2020

ODTÜM Network is now on LinkedIn

Dear METU Alumni,

Our two-year old ODTÜM Network has reached over 21.500 members, thanks to your participation and support.
However, ODTÜM Network user statistics over time show that very few users with an activated account from all categories (alumni, faculty,
students) actually returned to the platform after their initial login,
problem commonly encountered on other platforms. In that sense, we decided
to open “ODTÜM”, the official METU alumni network group, connected to the METU
Alumni Office LinkedIn account for you.

Among the popular social media platforms, LinkedIn consistently comes up
as morecommonly used and conducive to network-building and communication
than more specialized platforms like ODTÜM Network.

ODTÜM is a closed group that our alumni, faculty and senior students can join
through their existing LinkedIn accounts. Alumni joining this group can
contact their former classmates and professors, support METU through
various projects, share job announcements and stay informed about career

We hope to remain in touch with you, our esteemed ODTÜM Network users,
on the LinkedIn ODTÜM group.

Best Regards,

METU Alumni Office

A New Co-working Space for METU Students

METU students will soon have a new, easily accessible, and comfortable co-working environment on campus. Designed to offer alternative spaces students can use to study, collaborate and take part in activities, the new Co-working Space will be located by the A4 campus entrance, on the site of the former gendarmerie buildings. The construction is currently underway, and the space will be available for student use in September 2021.

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ODTÜLÜ Magazine Special Issue on COVID-19

The new issue of ODTÜLÜ magazine focuses on the source of the greatestglobal shock of our time, the COVID-19 pandemic, and features projects METU has supported as part of the collective human effort against it since the pandemic began.

As a token of our gratitude, we have dedicated this special issue to healthcare workers as well as all other essential workers on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19.

Please click the link below for the ODTÜLÜ COVID-19 Special Issue (in Turkish).

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Celebrating the “60th Anniversary” of METU’s First Alumni: The Class of 1960

Although the pandemic precluded us from convening for METU Alumni Day in June 2020, we wanted to honor the 60th anniversary of the First Graduating Class of METU, the Class of 1960. To express our gratitude to them for setting us on the path towards our current position as a leading university, we have sent each member of the Class of1960 their own “60th Anniversary Memory Medal”.

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METU ROMER Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Center on the Way

METU is preparing to launch ROMER, the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Technologies Research and Application Center. Leading the project is Assoc. Prof. Erol Şahin, the Founding Director of the METU KOVAN Research Laboratory. Dr. Şahin says ROMER will take robotics and artificial intelligence research in Turkey to a whole new level, creating critical technologies, particularly for the defense and manufacturing industries.

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“PONDERFUL”: A ‘Wonderful’ Horizon 2020 Project on ‘Ponds’:

METU is now part of an 11-country consortium collaborating on a large-scale environmental project, thanks to the efforts of Prof. Meryem Beklioğlu from the Biological Sciences Department and her team, including Prof. Zuhal Akyürek from the Civil Engineering Department and Asst. Prof. Antoine Dolcerocca from the Sociology Department. As the only Turkish partners in this Horizon 2020 project entitled, ‘PONDERFUL’, Professor Beklioğlu and her colleagues will be working over the next 4 years to explore the use of ponds and pondscapes as a nature-based method contributing to mitigating the effects of climate change and conserving biodiversity, among other important goals.

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Publication by Assoc. Prof. Ulaş Yaman and Prof. Melik Dölen Receives Acclaim

The IISE Transactions Journal has chosen the paper entitled, “Generation of Patterned Indentations for Additive Manufacturing Technologies” by Department of Mechanical Engineering faculty members Assoc. Prof. Ulaş Yaman and Prof. Melik Dölen as “Best Design and Manufacturing Application Paper”. IISE Transactions is one of the main journals of the Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers, which has been formally recognizing the accomplishments of prominent researchers with awards since 1993.

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EEE Graduate and RA Berkay Özbek Wins TÜBİTAK 1512 Grant

Berkay Özbek, a graduate research assistant at the METU Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department, supervised by Prof. Haluk Külah, has won a TÜBİTAK grant through the 1512 Techno-Entrepreneurship Capital Support Program. Mr. Özbek, who also did his undergraduate studies at METU EEE, aims to design a system for pacemakers that will fully eliminate the need for batteries.

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METU Part of Turkey’s First Joint Research Center: NÖROM

METU is joined by Gazi and Ankara Universities in establishing Turkey’s first joint research center through a YÖK (Council of Higher Education) initiative. The Neuroscience and Neurotechnology Research Center (NÖROM) is the first outcome of a YÖK effort to propel large-scale R&D in prioritized fields by enabling collaboration among Turkish universities with unique strengths in strategic fields and to ensure the efficient use of public funding.

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International Day of Persons with Disabilities celebrated with 3D Modeling Competition

METU students took part in the first of a new annual competition called “3D Modeling for a Barrier-Free Life!”. The winners were announced during a well-attended online ceremony led by President Prof. Dr. Mustafa Verşan KÖK on the 3rd of December, which is known globally as International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The creators of the winning projects, selected from among the many competition entries, were informed about their prizes during the ceremony.

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2019 - Nisan

Newsletter | Issue -1

ISSUE 1 | April 2019

Dear METU Alumni,

Since its establishment,Middle East Technical University has steered

research, education, social service and the business world in our country

as well as internationally. As the President of our university, I am always

proud of the remarkable achievements and contributions of our alumni who

strive to make our world a better place.

One of the efforts to which we have attached great importance recently is the

initiation of the mechanisms to further facilitate communication and

interaction amongst alumni living in Turkey and around the globe and

also between

our university and our alumni. To instigate these efforts, as of last

year, we

have established a private social network called “ODTÜM.NETWORK”.

Using this platform (http://odtum.network), you can stay in touch with

METU (be in contact with your former classmates and professors), post jobs

to hire our recent alumni, be informed about career opportunities and


to the University and to our students through various projects and find

opportunities to cater for their needs in a diverse set of ways.

I would like to take this opportunity to request you to sign-up to our new

platform at your earliest convenience.

With the same vision of engaging our university with the greatest number of

alumni, I am very pleased to announce the launching of our new monthly “METU

Alumni Newsletter” published by our Alumni Office. I believe that this

newsletter will be an exciting milestone to strengthen the ties and


between our alumni and our university.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Verşan Kök


Memorial Statute of Kemal Kurdaş was Inaugurated

The opening ceremony of the memorial statue of Kemal Kurdaş, built by his family and students, was held on 15 January 2019 in order to commemorate our former President Kemal Kurdaş who played a key role in the establishment and success of our university.

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My ODTÜ Short Film and Video Competition

Audio-Visual Research and Production Center (GİSAM) of METU organizes “My METU” Short Film/Video Competition on behalf of the Presidency of METU.

This competition is open to METU students, academicians, alumni and personnel. We would be glad to see you, our alumni, in this competition.

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UNESCO Award to Bioinformatics

Assoc. Prof. Nurcan Tunçbağ from METU Informatics Institute ( Health Informatics) has been selected as L’Oreal-UNESCO International Rising Talent. Out of 9000 applications worldwide, 275 candidates are evaluated and the IRT award is given to 15 women in science.

She took her award during a ceremony at UNESCO Headquarter in Paris.

Professor Tunçbağ works on computational models of complex biological systems. Her research focus is on structural modeling of protein interactions, revealing how the genome and the networks of interactions among proteins and genes are altered in cells during cancer. Tunçbağ develops network modeling approaches that can be used to identify tumour pathway-level changes.

She can incorporate pharmaceutical and biological agents into her algorithm to help inform future therapeutics.

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ODTÜ Sanat’20

The Middle East Technical University has been continuing its METUSanat event for the past 19 years in order to contribute the Student Scholarship Fund.

This year, the 20th edition will be held between the dates of March 11 and April 6, 2019. This year’s programme includes concerts, film screenings, theaters, interviews and workshops which have been anticipated by not only METUist but also art lovers of Ankara with a great interest.

ODTUsanat20, which will make its opening with Karsu concert, is waiting to meet with art lovers …

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METU Yüksel Proje Lecture Hall Opened its Doors

Based on the idea of creating a new classroom complex for METU students, METU Yuksek Proje Lecture Hall built with the valuable donations of Yüksel Proje was opened with a ceremony held on Friday, January 11, 2019.

In the opening ceremony, Celal Akın, Chairman of Yüksel Proje Executive Board and a graduate of METU from Civil Engineering Department in 1979, and METU President Prof. Dr. Mustafa Verşan Kök delivered their speech.

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ODTÜM Network

More than 18.000 graduates of our university have registered for the “METU Alumni Network”, which has been established in February 2018 to bring METU Alumni together.Thanks to ODTÜM that, METU graduates can not only reunite with their old friends, classmates, instructors, but also share their opinions, photos and support their university in various ways.

ODTÜM, which is also a career platform, has more than 150 active job announcements shared by our alumni all over the World.

We invite you all to register for ODTÜM (http://odtum.network) in order to benefit from the opportunities of our alumni network and become more powerfull all together.

You can watch our introduction video to get detailed information about ODTÜM and learn more about us from our alumni website.

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2019 - Mayıs

Newsletter | Issue -2

ISSUE 2 | May 2019

Dear METU Alumni,

We are pleased to announce the second issue of our new monthly Alumni Newsletter. The reactions to our first issue are overwhelmingly positive.We believe that our newsletter will continue to foster effective communication with our valued alumni.

We are honored to invite you all to the 2019 METU Alumni Day on June 29th, 2019. Homecoming at METU has always been an opportunity for our alumni to reconnect on our beautiful campus, to reminisce memorable experiences and to engage with faculty and old friends. For more information, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and ODTÜM Network (http://odtum.network)

In many diverse ways, METU alumni play an essential role in our university’s achievements. We are grateful to all of you who share your time and resources. In that sense, in this issue we would like to introduce our new fundraising program, AdımODTÜ. AdımODTÜ provides support to all METU students to meet their fundamental needs and research activities.

We are always honored to welcome you in our Alumni Office on the first floor in Rectorate Building. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your comments, questions or suggestions at +90 312 210 4128/7108 or https://mezun.metu.edu.tr

We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Alumni Day!

On behalf of METU Alumni Office

Warmest Wishes,

Assoc.Prof. Y.Eren KALAY

Advisor to the President

Have you applied for your medal?

The METU Alumni Day will be held on June 29, 2019 Saturday between 10:00 am and 5:30 pm with various activities. All our alumni are kindly invited.

Applications for 2019 METU Alumni Day Memorial Medal has started.

Please find the Medal Application Form: http://mezun.metu.edu.tr/sites/all/themes/kpm/mezun/kayit

For more information on Alumni Day Program, you can visit our website https://mezun.metu.edu.tr

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Plogging Event At Lake Eymir

The second plogging event is going to be held by AdımODTÜ and ODTÜDEN at Lake Eymir on Sunday, May 5, 2019. Adapting the “plogging” workout that emerged in Sweden as an environmentally friendly sports activity and spread all over the world and aims to clean the environment while running as a “run and collect garbage” event, we invite METU alumni and all other nature lovers in Ankara to this special event. You can find the event program that brings together the healthy life and environmental awareness at http://basinda.odtu.edu.tr/icerik/odtuden/81/eymirde-cop-topla-kos-etkinligi-eymirde-cop-topla-kos-etkinligi

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Complimentary Sandwich-Fruit-Coffee for Students

On January 11 and 14, 2019, with the valuable support of METU Alumni, we offered complimentary sandwich – fruit packages and filter coffee to the students studying up all night at the library during final exams. We forwarded the goodwill messages from AdımODTÜ supporters to our students, as well. You can check out the short video clip from


To support our Project please visit AdımODTÜ

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METU Podcast Channel

Audio records (in Turkish) of various events at METU, the radio programs that METU faculty members participate, the seminars, the lectures and a wide range of other subjects can be found on METU Podcast page: http://basinda.odtu.edu.tr/icerik/podcast

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About AdımODTÜ

AdımODTÜ is a joint project of Institutional Relations and Communication Office and METU Development Foundation. It is a communication-sharing-action platform where everyone can provide financial support to the scientific research and community service projects of our students and faculty members, contribute to the announcement of the projects and even take part in projects voluntarily. For more information: https://adimodtu.org.tr/

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ODTÜLÜ Magazine

In its 65th issue, ODTÜLÜ Magazine(in Turkish) is focusing on “Science Communication”, a topic that we hear more day by day and that has become a must in contemporary universities. Our authors are trying to shed light on the means of transferring scientific and critical thinking into the society in the “post-truth” age that we currently live in. To read more about on “post-truth” and “science communication” from the perspectives of METU faculty and alumni, please have a look at the 65th issue at


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2019 - Haziran

ISSUE 3 | June 2019

Coming Home!

We are delighted to be inviting our alumni back to the University for our “2019 METU Alumni Day” and especially those who are celebrating 55th, 50th, 45th, 40th, 30th, 20th and 10th years of their graduation.

METU Alumni Day, which is being organized annually since 1991, will be celebrated on June 29, 2019 with all-day events.

We are hoping to get as many graduates as possible to attend the reunion. Therefore, if you have not yet applied for your Memorial Medal,

please click the link http://mezun.metu.edu.tr/sites/all/themes/kpm/mezun/kayit to complete your application since 14th of June.

On the day, in front of Culture and Convention Center (CCC) gathering and distribution of robes will start at 8:30. After the concert of METU Rectorate Chorus and Graduates of Classical Turkish Music

Community,Turkish Folk Sciences Community Graduates will display a show between 10.45-11:15. At 11:30 am buses will depart from the CCC and will return to the campus at 12:45 to visit

Anıtkabir with former and new graduates of METU. The alumni will gather for lunch at the METU Cafeteria between 12:00-14:00. There will be also an “Happy Hour” and “Band Show” in front of

ODTÜDEN Bookstore. After opening and joint events, the presentation of all 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 45th, 50th and 55th year Memorial Medals will be held in Departments*.

The reunion is a unique opportunity to meet up with old friends and see how METU has changed.

METU Alumni are welcome on the Day!

* This year there will not be a medal ceremony in the Kemal Kurdaş Hall, Culture and Convention Center.

ODTÜM Network

The upgrade to our ODTÜM Network is now available! We’re so excited to present you our new platform with a whole range of new opportunities.

We have not only added a personalized newsfeed, but also gave our graduates an exclusive access to our large network of Alumni.

Please visit www.odtum.networknow and simply login or sign up to explore your new platform.

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The Music Inside You

Elif Sürer, a member of the Middle East Technical University (METU) Informatics Institute, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they have started a new project titled

“The Music in You” with graduate student Elif Bozlak. “We notated and visualized DNA in our project,” Elif Sürer told in the interview. “We have transformed the characteristics

that distinguish each person from another to music as well as to light signals and animations,” Surer said. The presented the Project at the GOODTECHS 2018 Academic Conference in Bologna, Italy.

Aybar Can Acar, a scientist at METU, said the DNA in chromosomes makes every human being different. “Let’s think of the entire chromosome as a wire, Scientists from METU have converted chromosome

information into frequency values and created sounds using frequency data. “We converted the chromosomes into the frequency values by equalizing the length of a guitar string,” Bozlak said.

“Then we created different sounds, visuals and animations using this frequency data.”

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CSO Concert On the 100th Anniversary of May 19

The 100th anniversary of Atatürk’s arrival to Samsun was celebrated with enthusiasm once again on May 19 at METU Revolutionary Stadium at 16:00 with Tolga Taviş’s work called

“Sonsuzluğa Atılan Adım” and chorus’ songs which were appropriate for the meaning of the Day. The soloist of this concert was the baritone Kamil Kaplan. “

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Students from Ankara Celebrated April 23th at METU Museum

METU Society and Science Research and Application Center was opened after its renovation and the addition of new areas on April 26, 2019. In the opening ceremony,

6 groups of students from Polatlı Esentepe Secondary School, Haymana Mangaldağı Secondary School and Ayaş Oltan Şehit Olgun Gökmen Secondary School participated in various

activities accompanied by 6 group leaders who are METU students.

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Complimentary Sandwich-Fruit-Coffee for Students

We have repeated the complimentary coffee, sandwich and fruit in the final week at the library. Thanks to our donors, we offered sandwich package,

fruit and filter coffee to our students on May 23 and 28, 2019 with hundreds of messages from METU graduates and friends.

You can watch the short event video from here.

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2019 - Temmuz

Newsletter | Issue -2

ISSUE 4 | July 2019

2019 METU Alumni Day

2019 METU Alumni Day was celebrated on Saturday, June 29, 2019 with a diverse range ofactivities on METU Campus.

The event started with the METU Presidential Choir and Classical Turkish Music Club Alumni Concert and continued with the dance show of the alumni of the Turkish Folklore Club.

While the Alumni were enjoying the music performance of “Nefesli Show Band” in front of the Culture and Convention Center (CCC), our university President, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Verşan Kök and

the university administration had a breakfast gatheringwith the Presidents of METU Alumni Associations.

After the breakfast, the Chair of METU Alumni Association of Gaziantep and President Prof. Dr. Mustafa Verşan Kök addressed the alumni with their speeches.

On the giant screen set up in the CCC Foyer area, a video prepared by METU GİSAM about activities held within the last year at METU was shown. We also had a booth where we introduced

ODTUM Network and received applications from our alumni.

In addition; a special issue of the ODTÜLÜ Magazine was distributed in CCC, ODTÜDEN, Cafeteria and dorms.

After the visit to Atatürk’s Mausoleum by the former and current alumni and METU members, which was among the events that attracted the highest number of participants during the Alumni Day,

a special lunch was organized for our alumni in the Cafeteria, reminding our alumni of their beautiful campus life memories. After the Alumni Day special lunch, Medal Ceremonies with special

events for the alumni celebrating their 10th,20th, 30th, 40th, 45th, 50th and 55th graduation anniversary was held at their Departments.

> watch

“Happy Hour” by ODTÜDEN

The alumni had a lot of fun with their families during the Happy Hour organized in front of ODTÜDEN, where lemonade, pastry and special METU cookies were offered.

The “Nefesli Show Band” orchestra performed during the Happy hour activity.

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AdımODTÜ Fundraising Project for METU Alumni Day

On 2019 Alumni Day, METU alumni made donations to AdımODTÜ fundraising project “Free Meal for METU Students” and had their green box pictures taken in past METU campus themes.

To support “Free Meal for METU Students” Project, please visit AdımODTÜ website

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The Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony of METU Class of 2018-2019 was held on Sunday, June 30, 2019. This year, 2867 students graduated from the undergraduate programs including 288

graduates from Northern Cyprus. In addition, 397 masters and 221 PhD graduates were awarded their diplomas.

The ceremony was comprised of two parts. The first part of the Graduation Ceremony started at 14.00 following the gathering of the university administration,

faculty members and PhD program graduates at the Kemal Kurdaş Hall at the METU Culture and Convention Center (CCC). The second part of the ceremony started at 18:30 with the ceremonial march

at METU Stadium.

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2019 - Ağustos

Newsletter | Issue -5

ISSUE 5 | August 2019

KALTEV, ODTÜ Kalkanlı Technology Valley launched!

For the past 14 years, METU Northern Cyprus Campus has undertaken ambitious studies and projects in fields such as energy, sustainability, intelligent systems, environmental management

and metamaterials. METU North Cyprus Campus’s comprehensive project to accelerate digital transformation in Northern Cyprus, ODTÜKalkanlı Technology Valley (ODTÜ KALTEV), started its activities

on July 20, 2019, with the participation of TRNC President Mustafa Akıncı, Deputy President of the Republic of Turkey Fuat Oktay, senior officials and METU officials.

ODTÜ KALTEV is designed as an R&D and production zone that brings entrepreneurs who produce innovative technology together with the academicians who can provide groundwork for this technology.

Middle East Technical University, the founder of Turkey’s first technology center, aims to become the initiator of the technology-oriented development revolution in the island by establishing

the first technology valley of Northern Cyprus. With this mission, ODTÜ KALTEV will bring together the stakeholders such as students in North Cyprus, whose number is exceeding 100.000, hundreds of

researchers, industry, entrepreneurs and TÜBİTAK, the Office of Coordination for Development and Economic Cooperation of Turkish Embassy of Lefkoşe and non-governmental organizations. The innovation

energy and research potential of the stakeholders that come together will transform North Cyprus with science and technology.

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Professor Feryal Özel: “We kept the black hole photo like a secret”

Prof. Feryal Özel, one of the distinguihed members of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration, was awarded the “METU Distinguished Service Award”. Professor Özel is a theoretical

astrophysicist whose primary research interests include the physics of neutron stars and black holes, as well as the formation of supermassive black holes and galaxies in the early Universe.

Prof. Özel has served on a large number of advisory committees for NASA and the National Science Foundation, including the NASA Astrophysics 30-year Roadmap and the Chandra X-ray Telescope Users


Prof. Özel, gave an update on the project of taking the very first snapshot of black hole after the award ceremony at METU.

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3rd National Polar Studies Workshop

The third National Polar Science Workshop will be held on September 5-6, 2019 by Middle East Technical University (METU). “National Polar Science Workshop” has been organized

every year to monitor the scientific projects and studies carried out by Turkish scientists. The current results of scientific expeditions in the polar zone and the developments

on the priority areas will be discussed in the scope of this important meeting.

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ODTÜM Network Apps Are Ready!

In our 3rd Issue, we announced that ODTÜM Network has upgraded. And, now we are happy to share the news that its apps are ready.

Please visit the links to be able to download them;

“Google Play Store” or

“Apple Store”

P.S. Android app is White Label (“ODTÜM Network”) and the iOS app is a container app (“Graduway Community”, then you choose your school from the drop down) as per the developer constraints

and requirements of Apple.

METU Open Days for Prospective University Students

Prospective university students and their families were able to listen on student life at METU, career planning and featured jobs in specially organized seminar sessions.Walking tours featured stops at library, dormitories, departments, dining hall, student recreation centers, and other campus


Students and families had the chance to hear the answers of their questions first-hand from METU students and academic staff.

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Jazzberry Tunes

Jazzberry Tunes, composed of METU students and alumni, founded in 2014 byME graduates and Performing Jazz students, Yiğit Deniz (conductor) and Mustafa Ç. Durmaz.

Having won lots of awards and given many concerts in the country, Jazzberry Tunes now aims higher. They are participating in one of the most prestigious festivals in Europe (Les Choralies) to represent METU and Turkey.

On this exciting journey, the METU student at Jazzberry Tuneswould appreciate your support via AdımODTÜ.

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Undergraduate Students Need Your Support For Research!

AdımODTÜ created a fund to support the research efforts of undergraduate students through donations. You can find the examples of previous projects supported by AdımODTÜ using the

following link.

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2019 - Eylül

Newsletter | Issue -6

ISSUE 6 | September 2019

Welcome, New Undergrads!!

University exam results have been recently announced! As METU, we are more than happy to welcome the newest members of our university through our Orientation Program which includes series of events that will be held

on Friday, September 20, 2019, and Saturday, September 21, 2019. The Orientation Program, for the first day, will include the introduction of the departments to our newcomers in groups of 25-30 students as well as the Welcome Cocktail which will be held at the Culture and Convention Center (CCC). METU Clubs and Societies will welcome the new students through various sports and cultural activities on

the second day of the program. Please find detailed information about the Orientation Program from


Furthermore, our Alumni Associations have announced that they will organize various activities in 17 different cities to welcome the newcomers of METU. METU has 17 Alumni Associations in Turkey and

33 abroad. For the detailed information on METU Alumni Associations visit our “website”.

Two METU Alumni Received “Presidential Early Career Award” from US Government”

Pınar Zorlutuna, Ph.D. graduate of Department of Biotechnology at METU Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, and Notre Dame University faculty member and Ayşegül Gündüz, graduated from

METU Electrical and Electronics Engineering B.S. program, and faculty member of University of Florida; were awarded the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)

by the US government.

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AdımODTÜ “Bir Pati de Siz Tutun!” Project

As we all know a wide variety of animals such as cats, dogs, turtles, foxes, hedgehogs, and birds live in METU campus. METU Animal Friends (ODTÜ Hayvan Dostları Topluluğu) is a group

of volunteer students working for a healthy, safe and animal-friendly campus. They need your support to reach more animals on the campus.

For further information and support, you can visit the “website”.

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ODTÜDEN web site has been renewed!

Capturing the legendary essence of METU, its tradition, its history, and its timelessness, each ODTÜDEN design is being crafted to complement the METU alumni, students, faculty, fans,

and visitors. From high-quality textile products to best-selling souvenirs, each product is being hand-selected by our team and packed/shipped to you with maximum care.

We’re happy to present our new website “odtuden.com.tr”, where you can find books, textile products and souvenirs

with METU logo.

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METU Received Two European Union Project Funds

METU; within the scope of the European Union’s Horizon2020 program received funding for two separate projects and added a new one to its achievements in the scientific arena:

The first one is; the “Solar Twinning to Create Solar Research Twins” project with the acronym SolarTwins has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 (H2020) research and

innovation program under grant agreement No 856619.

The second one is the proposal entitled “Black Sea CONNECT: Coordination of Marine and Maritime Research and Innovation in the Black Sea” submitted to the “H2020-LC-BG-09-2018” call by

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Barış Salihoğlu and his team from the Institute of Marine Sciences of our University.

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METU Leads the Research

METU continues to lead the research with 44 undergraduate programs in five faculties, 112 graduate and 69 doctoral programs in five institutes.

Between 2014-2018, in the national arena, with 377 national projects among 183 universities countrywide, METU is in the first place receiving funds from TÜBİTAK, in the international arena,

METU is the most successful Turkish research organization in the 7th Framework Program and the second most successful in the Horizon2020 Program.

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2019 - Ekim

Newsletter | Issue -7

ISSUE 7 | October 2019

Inauguration of Academic Year 2019-2020

The Opening Ceremony for METU’s 2019-2020 Academic Year was held on Monday, September 23, 2019 at Anıtkabir, in the spiritual presence of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. University President Prof. Dr. Mustafa Verşan KÖK delivered a keynote speech to METU students and academic and administrative staff to kick off the start of the new year.

In his speech, he not only emphasized the pioneering role undertaken by METU students and the faculty and the recent achievements of METU, but also congratulated the new students for their selfless work and wished them continued success.

He ended his remarks emphasizing the university’s commitment to continue to protect and defend the basic principles of the Republic, Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions, secularism, human rights, equality between women and men, the rule of law, and the truths of science.

In closing, he expressed his wish for “all of our successes to be with us in the 2019-2020 academic year, one in which I sincerely believe that we will direct all of our energy to academic, scientific, and innovative studies.”

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The First METU Speed Networking Meetings Held

In honor of the 60th anniversary of its establishment, the Economics Department convened a 3-day conference. The highlight of the conference was the inaugural “METU Speed Networking Meetings” event, held on Saturday, September 28, 2019, in the Foyer Area of the Culture and Convention Center (CCC). Sponsored by the METU Career Planning Application and Research Center (METU CPC) and Alumni Office, this event brought together METU’s esteemed alumni, academics, and students, who used the “Speed Networking” format to develop new connections. The activity, coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Pınar Derin Güre, was carried out under the guidance of Assist. Prof. Adil Oran. More than 200 alumni, academics, and current students attended the event.

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METU Presidential Lecture Series Starts with 2003 Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Peter Agre

Under the leadership of METU Presidency, “METU Presidential Lecture Series” will be held throughout the 2019-2020 Academic Year, in which world-renowned and Nobel Prize-winning scientists will be present as speakers. In the series where seperate activities are planned for university students, academicians, and for high school students; Nobel Laureate in Chemistry in 2003 Prof. Peter Agre, MD will speak as a beginning.

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Asst. Prof. Zöhre Kurt Awarded by The L’Oréal-UNESCO “For Women in Science”

Assistant Prof. Zöhre Kurt, from METU Environmental Engineering Department was awarded within the scope of the “For Women in Science” program, in cooperation with L’Oréal-UNESCO by her “Wastewater Treatment Through Sustainable Fuel Production” Project. This award is granted to six women working on materials and life sciences by L’Oréal Türkiye for 17 years to support the contribution of women in science.

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Assoc. Prof. Görkem Günbaş received “ERC Starting Grant 2019”

Assoc. Prof. Görkem Günbaş from METU Department of Chemistry, was entitled to receive support with the “Overcoming the Barriers of Brain Cancer Treatment: Targeted and Fully NIR Absorbing Photodynamic Therapy Agents with Extremely Low Molecular Weights and Controlled Lipophilicity” (INFRADYNAMICS) project given within the scope of “ERC Starting Grant 2019” call. The project, which focuses on brain cancer treatment, is the third ERC project that is eligible to be supported in our university as well as the state universities in our country. At the same time, this project also has the distinction of being the first project in the field of chemistry in Turkey.

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METU’s Science Festival: “Science Through Art”

METU’s Science Festival: “Science Through Art”, has been celebrated on the day of European Researchers’ Nights. METU has organized a science festival with the purpose of enhancing public recognition of science through art, and breaking the conceived barriers between science and society. In this context, several science and art activities (i.e. Experiments, Demonstrations, Competitions), a science coffee (with Dr. Çiğdem Atakuman, Dr. Şeyda Ertekin, Ömer Faruk Sorak and Mehmet Turgut), a pizza party with scientists and artists, several artistic performances have been held at the Culture and Convention Centre and its parking lot.A special gala concert, “Treble Clef of Science”, has been taken place during night.

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Plogging Event

“Plogging” is the act of picking up trash while you jog or run. On September, 28th ; our 3rd “Plogging” event was organized in Eymir. Approximately 300 students, academicians, local and national press members attended the event in which more than 200 bags of garbage were collected. Participants who completed their registrations joined an amusing warm-up session led by a professinonal trainer before the event. After warming up, plastic gloves and garbage bags were distributed to the participants. Associate Professor Dr.Yunus Eren Kalay started this wonderful event with a speech emphasizing on the importance of green campus and initiated “Plogging”. At the end, participants were rewarded with several giftsand coffee from ODTÜDEN Store with companion of a student music group: “Ev the Band”.

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AdımODTÜ Outdoor Movie Night

The second outdoor movie night was held on 26th of September at Devrim Stadium. Forrest Gump was screened and complimentary blankets, coffee and popcorn were offered to the METU students.

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Solar Benches are on Campus

Thanks to the donations to AdımODTÜ Solar Campus Project, solar benches with charging units are now on campus. Benches are protected by water-proof tempered glasses and they can charge four mobile phones at the same time for 7 hours if their batteries are fully charged.

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2019 - Kasım

Newsletter | Issue -8

ISSUE 8 | November 2019

Three Thousand Saplings Planted in METU

“Forestation Event”, which has been organized since 1961 to enrich the presence of forest in METU and to call for the society to leave a livable country for future generations, and which has made our campus the biggest forest of Ankara today, was held on October 30, 2019.

The activity for forestation of the areas around METU 50th Year Pond is organized to commemorate our late Forestation and Landscaping Manager Erhan Torunoğlu who had a very valuable contribution to the protection and expansion of the forest land of METU, who passed away on October 1st 2019. Our president, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Verşan Kök, planted a cypress sapling in memory of Torunoğlu.

METU students, members, and pre, primary and secondary school students from various schools in Ankara contributed to the expansion of the METU forest by planting three thousand pine saplings in the region.

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96th Year Republic Run

We celebrated the traditional Republic Run with a record participation this year thanks to the support of sports team and communities.7,000 participants in METU stadium were singing marches and cheering up on a beautiful day.

We will continue to celebrate the traditional Republic Run of METU with increasing enthusiasm and number of participants.

METU Presidential Lecture Series Started with Prof. Peter Agre, MD

“METU Presidential Lecture Series” has been started with the speech of Prof. Peter Agre, MD, on October 14.

Prof. Peter Agre, Nobel Prize Laureate in chemistry in 2003, first met with METU Development Foundation Private High School, Atatürk Anatolian High School, and Ankara Science High School students to inspire those who are at the beginning of their academic lives, on October 12, 2019. Giving examples from his journey of science and private life in his speech,Agre gave his audience pleasant moments with his narratives aiming to raise awareness about the fun side of science and scientists.

Prof. Agre talked about “Aquaporin Water Channels”, which enabled him to win Nobel Prize, towards academicians, students, particularly Ph.D. and students in Higher Education Board’s 100/2000 Doctoral Scholarship Projects on Monday, October 14, 2019. Prof. Agre, has been also become a honorable member of METU Science Advisory Committee.

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ODTÜM Welcomes 20,000th Member

Our lucky member who has registered to ODTÜM Network as 20,000th has been announced. We met with Yaşar Alp Kahramanoğlu, 3rd-year student at METU Department of Architecture, at our Alumni Office on 15.10.2019 to present “ODTÜDEN Gift Box”. We were happy to meet Yaşar Alp Kahramanoğlu, who received his presents with a pleasant conversation. We thank him again for his interest and participation in our event and wish him success.

With your support and contribution, ODTÜM Network will continue to overgrow.

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AdımODTÜ Undergraduate Research Day

AdımODTÜ Undergraduate Research Day will be held on Thursday, November21, 2019 at METU Culture and Convention Center (METU CCC).

In this event, undergraduate students will be informed about “The Global Undergraduate Awards- UA”, the world’s leading undergraduate awards program that our university recently joined as an affiliate member (https://undergraduateawards.com/).

AdımODTÜ will keep on supporting the undergraduate research projects of METU students with the contributions of the donors.

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METU Career Fair

METU Career Fair will take place on November 7-8, 2019 at METU Culture and Convention Center. We will have 63 companies from various industries in our exhibition area in CCC.

Career Coaches of Kariyer.Net will guide our students with one-on one CV consultancy in CCC Hall C throughout the fair.

Furthermore, information about the team games (Goldberg Machine, Kahoot, Spaghetti & Marshmallow) can be accessed through the following link: https://kariyerfuari.metu.edu.tr/fuara-ozel/.

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METU Jazzberry Tunes Participated in Les Choralies Festival

Jazzberry Tunes participated in the 23rd Les Choralies festival in Vaison-la-Romaine, France, between 01-10 August 2019.

Jazzberry, in its first international experience, represented not only METU but also Turkey, where more than 5,000 people attended from 20 different countries.

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2019 - Aralık

Newsletter | Issue -9

ISSUE 9 | December 2019

The Second METU Speed Networking Meeting Held

The second “METU Speed Networking” was held in cooperation with the Department of Psychology, METU Career Planning Application and Research Center (METU CPC) and METU Alumni Office on Saturday, November 23, 2019, at Yüksel Proje Building. More than 150 graduates, academicians, junior, and senior students attended this special event.

After the welcome speeches, the “Speed Networking” method used in METU alumni-student meetings was introduced to the participants. Afterward, alumni and students sat opposite each other at tables prepared in the foyer area and introduced themselves. The alumni and students, who had the opportunity to meet a large number of people in a short time, continued their meetings in the cocktail area after the meeting.

Within the framework of METU Speed Networking, we will continue our efforts to strengthen the alumni-student-university relationship with our event.

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METU Alumni Europe Gathering!

‘METU Alumni Europe Gathering’ will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on May 1st and 2nd 2020.

The program will kick off with a historic city walking tour on Friday May 1st afternoon, and will continue on Saturday May 2nd with a boat tour through the Amsterdam canals, followed by dinner.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form on the below link;


Professor Ahmet Cevdet Yalçıner Received the Hamaguchi Award for His Pioneering Studies on Tsunami

Professor Ahmet Cevdet Yalçıner was granted the 2019 Hamaguchi Award, given by Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Prof. Yalçıner was presented his award by Akaba Kazuyoshi, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan at the ceremony held on October 29, 2019.

Hamaguchi Award is given since 2016 for individuals and/or organizations that have made significant scientific or pragmatic contributions to the enhancement of coastal resilience against tsunami, storm surge, and other coastal disasters, which will raise people’s awareness of disaster resilience.

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Grand Award to METU in “Onkolojide İz Bırakanlar Zirvesi” Project Competition

“The Regulatory Role of hNRNPA1 on microRNA Genes” project, coordinated by Prof. Ayşe Elif Erson Bensan from Biological Sciences Department, in participation of Prof. Tolga Can from Computer Engineering Department, and İbrahim Özgül and Murat Erdem, Ph.D. students of Biological Sciences Department, as the project team, was granted the grand award in the Oncology Summit Project Competition held in memory of Prof. Mustafa Samur, MD.

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METU is on SoundCloud, and Spotify Podcasts

The seminar, radio programs, talks and lectures of METU faculty members are on Spotify Podcasts, and SoundCloud. Podcasts on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to solar energy, from cancer diagnosis and treatment to space radiation, from exam stress to information technologies can be found on Spotify and SoundCloud under the username of ODTÜ/METU.

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Automatic Drinking Bowls for Animals are on Campus!

AdımODTÜ and METU student community, Animal Friends Society placed drinking bowls for dogs and cats in various places on campus. Drinking bowls will be filled automatically so that campus animals will be avoided from being dehydrated.

To support METU Animal Friends Society, you can visit AdımODTÜ Project: “Bir Pati de Siz Tutun!”.

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METU Career Fair

METU Career Fair was held at METU Culture and Convention Center on November 7-8 with 64 valued national and international employers.

METU Career fair is a great way for recruiters to meet talented METU students. METU career fairs include opportunities for full-time and paid internship positions. Nearly 3000 students and alumni visited the stands and had the opportunity to conduct one-on-one interviews, learn job and internship positions and share their résumés.

Award-winning “Goldberg Machine” and Spaghetti & Marshmallow, where students demonstrate teamwork skills, were also held at the fair. Gift cards from ODTÜDEN store were given to the winning teams.

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AdımODTÜ Undergraduate Research Day Held

AdımODTÜ held the second AdımODTÜ Undergraduate Research Day on November 21, 2019, at METU Culture and Convention Center (CCC). The students were informed about the AdımODTÜ Undergraduate Research Project and students involved in undergraduate research shared their experiences with students. In addition, poster presentations of undergraduate projects supported by AdımODTÜ in 2019 were organizedat CCC small foyer. You can reach the examples of studies conducted in 2019 by using the following “booklet”.

To support the undergraduate research project, you can visit the website.

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ODTÜDEN is Ready for the New Year!

ODTÜDEN store is ready for the new year and welcomes 2020 with its new concept! You can buy your new year’s gifts from ODTÜDEN Books, Gifts & Coffee Store or just visit to support the undergraduate research project, you can visit www.odtuden.com.tr to purchase online.

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