ODTÜ Mezunları Ağının Logosu

ODTÜM is the name of a network that METU alumni use to communicate with their University, departments and among each other. Each METU alum can sign up for ODTÜM voluntarily. They can use of the possibilities of ODTÜM as well as allowing METU to benefit from him/her.

For this, they should register via https://odtum.network or ODTÜM application.

Although the interface of ODTÜM is in English to include all the alumni, all the media are suitable for writing in Turkish. Please make sure that you always use Turkish characters everywhere, including your name, when writing in Turkish.

During the registration, those who graduated from more than one departments can enter each of the programs they graduated from in a chronological order.

Those who want to write English in posts are free to use English (even in a series of Turkish posts). Care should be taken that the posts starting in English continue in English. Apart from these, all the correspondence can be done in Turkish using Turkish characters.

While you are signing up for ODTÜM, you accept the following terms of use.

Each member of ODTÜM network will be personally responsible for all kinds of posts. As we are interacting in a very large community, it is important to pay special attention to the style of correspondence and posts. Although we support critical and inquisitive approaches, inappropriate posts that might pose legal problems will be removed by the platform and community leaders by informing the post owner.

METU Alumni Office identifies ODTÜM's Privacy Policy and acts in accordance with it.

To use ODTÜM effectively, you can find the related menus on the left or the following communication tools:


312 210 7108

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