Dear METU Alumni,

Since its establishment, Middle East Technical University has conducted its educational and research activities at universal standards and has been a pioneer institution in educating individuals who have adopted lifelong learning principles. METU continues to steer education, research and the business world in our country as well as internationally with a network of 130.000 alumni. At this point, we are not only proud of the number of our alumni but the values and qualities they have contributed to the world for the last 62 years.

It is a top priority for us to launch mechanisms and projects to strengthen communication and interaction between our university and our alumni, who have always made us proud with their accomplishments both locally and globally. To instigate these efforts, we have created a special platform for "METU Alumni" on The alumni who are registered in this platform can be in contact with their old friends and professors, contribute to the University through various projects, share job announcements and be informed about career opportunities.

Dear METU Alumni,

One of the most important characteristics of our alumni is the commitment they have for one another other and to METU. My greatest source of pride as the President of METU is this unique METU spirit that we have, wherever we reside in the world today. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all METU faculty, staff, students and alumni who have contributed to the creation of this spirit in the 62-year history of the institution, and I am looking forward to meeting you on ODTÜM Network.

Best Regards,

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Verşan Kök


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