ODTÜ encourages her alumni to make strong connections among them and with her. She provides medium and tools needed to be possible so. Alumni Office works to improve and ripen the processes that provide these tools and medium in effect.

Any ODTÜ graduate who can do for ODTÜ; includes:

  • Sharing experiences in the departments and communities
  • Mentoring for students and new graduates
  • Supporting student projects
  • Providing internship opportunities for students
  • Giving grants and donations; supporting these issues
  • Supporting the presentation of ODTÜ in their cities
  • Disseminating the scientific approach and assisting scientific studies
  • Promoting academic freedom
  • Solidarity with the ODTÜ graduates, sustainable togetherness
  • To protect, care and develop ODTÜ

Besides these, each ODTÜ graduate can benefit from the following opportunities:

  • Information about ODTÜ and departmental developments
  • Make use of the ODTÜ's appropriate facilities
  • Access to other graduates
  • Benefit from business opportunities
  • Take advantage of training opportunities
  • Communication with faculty and graduates
  • Participate in scientific studies

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30/03/2018 - 14:48